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How to Avoid Being Drowsy in the Daytime
May 26
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No matter the industry, no matter how exciting the company, no matter how stimulating the tasks we may have in front of us, we all hit a wall at a certain point in the workday. We’re all familiar with the feeling that hits us in the middle of the work day, when all we want to do is get back into bed and get the good night’s sleep we were unable to get the night before! Sometimes, fatigue during the workday is inevitable, but chronic daytime sleepiness can be avoided with these helpful hints on how best to stay awake on the job.

Why We’re Eating More Fruits and Veggies
May 22
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So why you should eat more vegetables and fruits and how you adapt them to your diet? Sounds delicious, right? Junk food, no matter how appetizing, can't prevent us from any heart disease or cancer.

50 Stunning Cupcakes – Don’t Eat Them All At Once!
May 20
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With summer just around the corner, so is our biggest entertaining season – birthdays, graduations, showers, weddings. Allow these creative cupcakes to provide you inspiration, whether you’re a beginner baker or a deft decorator, it’s fun to browse dazzling – and delicious – delectables. Feeling ambitious? Invite the kids to whip up their ‘take’ on these designs!

Inspirational Home Office Pictures
May 18
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Whether you're a professional who works from home, or your family's computer nook is its own office, the ideal workspace should INSPIRE! Check out these gorgeous home offices.

Yes! She is just like us. Reese’s kid doesn’t eat either… 
May 14

Even celebrities, with their high-priced nannies and full-time housekeepers, can struggle with motherhood's trials and tribulations like we do. Reese Witherspoon says that, despite her creativity and effort, her toddler son still won't eat what she makes him.

May 13
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Many of us find it difficult to say “no” when we’re asked to do something. Perhaps we say “yes” in the first place because we don’t want to hurt the asker’s feelings, or because we lack the confidence to say how we really feel. Whatever the reason, saying “yes” when we really want to say “no” can cause feelings of resentment and dissatisfaction.

3 Men Decide To See What It Feels Like To Be Pregnant
May 12
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No matter the benefits and downsides to each gender/sex, sometimes it's fun to imagine yourself walking in someone else's shoes, and vice-versa. Three U.K. dads, Steve, Johnny and Jason (who all work for the company The Book of Everyone) – wear 9-month "pregnancy" suits for one continuous month, ending March 15th. (they chose the end date to be Mother’s Day in the U.K., in honor of the mothers in their own families).

On the Cutting Edge with WÜSTHOF Knives
May 19
Product Review

Many of us have a kitchen stocked with gadgets for any number of uses – some we use all the time, and others that may err on the side of “gimmicky” or under-used! Ease of use, practicality and safety make WUSTHOF, a leading maker of fine cutlery for over 200 years, a brand respected by both professional chefs and home cooks.

Welcoming Spring with Great Styles from Land’s End
May 19
Product Review

While there are some who like spring cleaning, I much prefer spring shopping! The season’s fashion trends – floral prints, lace, pastels, and items that are casual and comfortable while still being fashionable, offer so much to love. Land’s End’s latest line checks off all these boxes and more.