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How to get over spring sadness?
May 06
FeaturedMC DailyMotivation

Watch out everyone, “spring is coming!” If you’ve started to feel a little more depressed or sleepy, do not panic! It is just what we call “Seasonal Affective Disorder.” I know it sounds weird! I mean, who gets upset during this beautiful season anyway?

Home Organization & Design the Easy Way
May 04
DesignFeaturedMC Daily

Sometimes it strikes you when you look around and see all of the old belongings in your home, items that have long since lost their function and purpose and you wonder, Do we really need all of this?

10 Reasons to Use Apple Vinegar Every Day
April 30
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Some of us love that sour taste of apple cider vinegar but many just can’t stand it. Well, I don’t know what category you find yourself, but it is amazing how much this vinegar can help in everyday life.

Bring Good Luck Into Your House
April 28
FeaturedLifestyleMC Daily

Home is where you and your family find peace. It is really important to keep your sweet home away from negative energy. So you better invest in some good stuff that will bring good luck to your lovely shelter.

Your Work Space Reveals Who You Are!
April 27
FeaturedMC DailyWorking

According to new studies, your office desk actually defines your character. Little tiny trinkets, family photos, cute flowers, or colorful mugs are part of who you are. So let’s find out what your desk says about you.

Why We’re Eating More Fruits and Veggies
April 23
FeaturedFoodyMC Daily

So why you should eat more vegetables and fruits and how you adapt them to your diet? Sounds delicious, right? Junk food, no matter how appetizing, can't prevent us from any heart disease or cancer.

Diet Plan to Combat Busy Lives
April 22
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As women, we focus the core of our energy in so many places – home, work, family, and our communities – and as a result, healthy eating gets pushed to the back burner. Then we step on the scale at home, wondering why we don’t see the numbers we seek...

A Cup of Warm Water Over Coffee?
April 21
FeaturedLifestyleMC Daily

I bet you’d love a fresh, hot cup of coffee right after you get out of the bed. Maybe you feel like you cannot wake up without a one sip. But if you want to be healthier or even loose some pounds you’d better start to drink warm water each morning.

Time Saving Tips for Working Moms
April 20
FeaturedMC DailyWorking

If you ask a working mother, “What is the most precious thing you want?” She would say, “Time!” That’s why you should check out these time saving tips we put together only for you…

Staying Ahead of the Fashion Trends with AEROSOLES
May 02
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April 20
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April 15
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April 15
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April 14
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April 13
buttermilk babies Brings a New Way to Swaddle with Style
April 13