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Moms & Eczema Survey Results

In July 2012, Mom Central Consulting surveyed 583 Moms to learn more about their children’s experiences with eczema. The survey aimed to better understand how Moms feel about and treat their child’s eczema, if they go online to find information about treatment, and if they feel satisfied with the information found. We discovered that moms who have children with eczema have a lot of concerns. Concerns revolve around their current knowledge, which sources they should trust, and the availability of eczema-related information.

Lack of Knowledge on Eczema

  • Though Moms sympathize with their child’s discomfort, Moms wish for more control over the condition. While 75% of moms feel sympathetic towards their children suffering from a skin outbreak such as eczema, only 24% feel knowledgeable about the condition. Because of this lack of knowledge, moms tend to feel frustrated that they can do little to help ease their child’s discomfort.
  • Nearly all Moms (96%) have discussed their child’s eczema with their doctor; however, almost 40% feel unsatisfied with the conversations or the recommendations they receive. Having more relevant conversations about eczema and treatment options may help alleviate their feelings of frustration and anxiety.
  • Nearly one-third of new Moms readily admit they do not know how to effectively treat their child’s eczema. This lack of knowledge can lead to unnecessary and prolonged discomfort for children with eczema.

Trusted Sources

  • Though Moms most often rely on their pediatrician, nearly 70% also rely on fellow Moms for advice about their child’s skin health, even when they know they are not experts on the topic. When making healthcare decisions for their families, 93% of Moms transform themselves into “social researchers” by seeking out user-generated and published content on the Internet to make thoughtful and well-informed decisions based on peer-reviews or recommendations. Whether they go online to find others who might have the same health concerns, or read content about health or medical issues on a blog, website or online group, the majority feel satisfied with the type of content they find.

Demand For More Eczema-Related Info and Technology

  • Of the Moms surveyed, 93% download apps, yet only 9% have downloaded apps dedicated to their child’s skin conditions. Two-thirds of Moms wish for more useful health-related apps they can trust.
  • Due to increasing demand, more and more dependable health-related apps have become available to consumers. To add support to their topical treatments for mild to moderate eczema, the Dermatology Unit of Bayer HealthCare recently launched The Eczema App to help parents track their child’s flare-ups and learn more about eczema and treatment options.
  • Download the free app here,, and tell us what you think!


Bayer HealthCare is a client of Mom Central Consulting.