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The Eczema App & Informational Articles

Moms and Eczema Survey Results
In July 2012, Mom Central Consulting surveyed 583 Moms to better understand how Moms treat their child’s eczema, if they go online to find information about treatment, and if they feel satisfied with the information found. We discovered Moms who fall into this category have some concerns regarding their child’s eczema. Their greatest concerns revolve around their current knowledge, which sources they should trust, and the availability of eczema related information.

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Eczema: Myth or Fact
With technology providing countless sources of information, determining fact from fiction can sometimes be a challenge. There can be a lot of misinformation and unscientific facts discussed online about eczema. To help sift through the confusion, we provide the facts to help dispel some of the common misperceptions about the condition.

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Eczema Q&A with Dr. Eichenfield
We learned in July, 2012 that a large number of Moms currently suffer from eczema, or have a child suffering from eczema. With so much information available, we want to help put accurate information into the hands of Moms to help eliminate their discomfort and frustration. To provide the most trusted information possible, we have interviewed Dr. Lawrence Eichenfield, a key opinion leader in the space, to find the answers Moms want. Read our interview below to find answers to some of your questions!

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