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Make a Resolution to Keep your Resolution

Written By: 
Molly Murphy

The clock strikes midnight, everyone yells “Happy New Year,” and you vow to break every single bad habit.  We all do it.  We think the New Year miraculously provides us with an opportunity to kick negative behaviors.  Sometimes I have the mindset that I have to wait until January 1 to start things in a new way. My motivation lasts for roughly a month and then my bad habits return. This year I am using a different approach.  I challenge you to keep your New Year’s resolution with the help of the following steps.

Be Honest With Yourself
You know yourself better than anyone so why set a goal that you know you will never achieve? Be wise in choosing your New Year’s resolution. Sometimes taking baby steps is the fastest way to achieving a major life goal.

Focus on One Thing at a Time
Another way to increase your success includes only choosing one thing to focus on. Achieving one goal is much easier than achieving five. It’s that simple. It also feels better to succeed at one goal than fail at five. Decreasing the number of resolutions increases your chances of actually accomplishing your resolution(s).

Reward Yourself
Positive reinforcement proves time and time again to be the best motivator. With that said, don’t punish yourself for failure. If you don’t succeed at first try, try again. It can be frustrating, but depending on your resolution, you might not win the first time around. Even if you experience a minor set back, don’t scold yourself. It becomes that much harder to find the motivation to start again if you constantly fear failure.

Tell Everyone
The more people you tell, the more voices exist to send you words of encouragement.  Don’t feel afraid or ashamed to reach out for help. You should also surround yourself with positive influences. The more people you see living their life the way you wish you could live yours, the more realistic your seemingly impossible New Year’s resolution sounds.


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