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Meet Zylie, the lovable bear from the children’s books, the Adventures of Zylie the Bear, who travels around the world with her little cousin Theo and brings readers along for the journey. In the first book, Zylie and Theo venture around New York City, visiting the world-famous attractions and encountering several exciting twists and turns. Now in the most recent story, Zylie travels to China and shares her findings there including the Great Wall and a new friend- Shen the Panda.   These books bring children on a thrilling journey through areas of the world that many people dream of visiting. Let their imaginations run wild following the adventures of Zylie and Theo while learning about the culture of their foreign destinations.
John Carter has all the elements a dad could want for a summertime popcorn movie: great special effects, super powers, epic battles, and a beautiful and tough heroine. As a kid, I loved the "Mars" stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs. For those unfamiliar, John Carter is a Civil War veteran who finds himself transported to Mars where he finds he has superhuman abilities and ends up in the middle of a Martian power struggle.

 The plot is classic pulp fiction. John Carter, played with just enough swagger by Taylor Kitsch, finds himself having to battle his way out of many close calls and scrapes with the evil Matai Shang (Mark Strong). He is helped on his travels by the four-armed green-skinned Tharks played through outstanding CGI (computer-generated imagery) by Willem Dafoe and Samantha Morton. Lynn Collins plays the beautiful princess Dejah Thoris. She is all the more attractive when she proves to have brains and brawn in addition to her good looks!

Hand out crayons, markers and painting supplies to toddlers, and what do you get? Coloring and drawing provide creative outlets for our kids, but the messy aftermath they inadvertently leave behind is far from a masterpiece. One of B. toy’s latest products, the H2-Whoa! drawing board offers budding Picassos a new means to express themselves while making messy clean up a thing of the past. This two sided, reversible drawing board comes with four drawing pens that fill up with water, allowing your child to doodle to his heart’s content. As the picture dries on the H2-Whoa! board, it will begin to fade away and will leave your child with a clean slate for his next creation. Voted a Dr. Toy “Best Pick,” this easy to use drawing boards offers both you and your child a fun and mess free alternative to paint and paper.
Finding the perfect balance of sun protection, moisture, and a hint of color in a skin care product never proves easy. Revision Skincare’s new Intellishade SPF 45 anti-aging tinted moisturizer conceals, corrects, and protects while also leaving you with a healthy glow. This product’s Intellishade smart tint technology promises a perfect match for every skin tone, every time. In addition to matching and evening out your skin tone, clinical levels of several ingredients (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 and ACS-456) in the moisturizer help activate collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This Intellishade moisturizer features an SPF 45 with UVA and UVB broad-spectrum coverage, which works with an immune protection factor to create the highest sun defense for your skin. One lucky Mom Central reader will win an Intellishade SPF 45 tinted moisturizer from Revision Skincare to add to her arsenal of skin care products.
If your family loves Dr. Seuss books, you don’t want to miss this event. Target stores will help celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss by hosting free in-store readings in partnership with the National Education Association’s (NEA’s) Read Across America program. The events will take place in all Target stores nationwide on Saturday February 25th from 9-11am.   These events give your family a chance to enjoy classic Dr. Seuss books together and kids will receive reading activities, crayons, and snacks in a reusable Target bag. There will also be readings by Target team members and a nook inspired by Dr. Seuss’ book The Lorax.  Read Across America and Target want to allow every child in every community to take part in reading and celebrating Dr. Seuss books. To find the store nearest you, visit Target’s store locator.
Typically, I stride into yoga class looking horribly under-dressed. Most participants get decked out in matching yoga pants and tops and look fantastic to participate in this popular class at the gym. I’m lucky if I show up wearing matching socks. I consider myself a runner who likes to do yoga, so I own a large supply of running tights and sports bras, but am sorely lacking in the yoga wear department. I usually wear running attire with a baggy t-shirt on top to yoga class. I am not the typical, taut yoga enthusiast like many who regularly attend these sessions.  
Killington Mountain offers the perfect spot for every family to enjoy some fun and adventure in the outdoors. Read more about Killington resort and enter to win a family four-pack of lift tickets!
Every year, the kids bring valentines to school to trade with the class. When they get home, I love seeing all the different cards from other classmates. You can find some cute store-bought cards, but nothing beats a handmade valentine.  With so many crafty ideas for Valentine’s Day cards out there– it becomes almost impossible to choose. I like homemade ones that the kids can do most of the creative work so they have a personal feel. Most importantly, the cards must be made from items we have around the house- saving me time, money, and energy.  Instead of shopping around for the cards or supplies, I can spend time at home with the kids making homemade ones.  Of course I also only pick cards that the kids like and that will keep their attention long enough to make 20 of them! This year I have an adorable valentine in mind for the class swaps. I came across this great crafting idea from My Paper Crane – take a look at the steps below.  
Still searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? ProFlowers features everything you could need on their website: flower arrangements, vases, teddy bears, chocolates, spa lotions, jewelry, and more. Guys- no need to shop anywhere else.  An order from ProFlowers will arrive jut in time for February 14th to provide the romantic gesture you desire. Choose from hundreds of elegant gift combinations featuring sweet treats and beautiful bouquets.  With prices as low as $20, you can shop for your loved one on any budget.  Additionally, ProFlowers currently offers 20% off your order when you visit their “Valentine’s Deals” page.
For many parents, the name Eric Carle probaby rings a bell. Carle, artist and creator of picture books for young children, has been the source of entertainment for kids and parents alike for generations. Including the most famous title- The Very Hungry Caterpillar- his books have been around since the 1970’s, and I loved them growing up!   Kohl’s recently began featuring hardcover Eric Carle books with a coordinating stuffed animal as part of their Kohl’s Cares initiative.  The Cause Merchandise program gives back to local communities by dedicating 100% of the net profit from these products to benefit kids’ health and education organizations. The Kohl’s Cares project actively supports kids nationwide with over $180 million raised thus far.