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Happy Chaos
Soleil Moon Frye still embodies “Punky power” in her new book Happy Chaos; From Punky to Parenting and my Perfectly Imperfect Adventures in Between. Now, a happily married mom of two little ladies, Soleil keeps domestic life fun and interesting. I was happy to review the book for Mom Central as I count myself as one of Frye’s 1.4 million Twitter followers and was an avid fan of Punky Brewter in the ‘80s. In reading Happy Chaos I was surprised to stumble upon moments of real honesty. Even though I’ve read multiple books on birth and babies, both informational and from other moms who have been there, I loved the real, no holds-barred, first person perspective Frye conveys – even down to that special “ice pack” that all post-partum mothers find relief from.
What’s in a name? Anyone who is a parent has had to grapple with the important decision of naming his or her children. Classic or trendy? A family name or a or hybrid? Take the lead from a celebrity? That was a tough one - I couldn’t decide between Apple and Zahara. I know I went through hundreds of names before my baby girl was born. In the end we wanted to choose a name based on my Scandinavian roots and settled on Kaia. What’s the baby’s name going to be? So many of my friends and family are currently expecting and facing the same decision, so I’ve pointed them toward – a personal baby name assistant. It’s a guide that helps the user choose a name based on their personal taste. Just chose a few names that you like and then Nymbler will offer up ideas. I experimented with the system myself to see if I could find more baby names based on my two daughter’s names.
preparing for baby
Having a new baby alone is a very big day that needs a lot of attention and planning. To ensure everything isn’t piled up on your to-do list the day you come home from the hospital, here are some things you can do in advance to prepare for your new baby. Have the nursery ready: Make sure you paint the nursery in advance with environmentally safe paint. Paints that are Non-VOC (volatile organic compound) will reduce exposure to fumes and help avoid contact with chemicals. Find a childcare facility near you: After you have your baby, you may start to think about when you should go back to work and how you should plan the process. It’s important to get a head start and find a daycare your trust and feel comfortable with before the chaos of caring for a baby sets in.
waving baby
I recently had to attend a conference on behalf of Mom Central on the other side of the country. While I was excited to spend time schmoozing and event-hopping with my colleagues, I knew I would miss my 15-month-old terribly. There were two things that helped the situation. First, I knew my husband could handle it by himself. Plus, my colleague and conference roommate, Amy, would be experiencing the very same thing as she left two small children at home. The first few hours on location were hard, but I quickly threw myself into work, and the wit and humor of my colleagues made this time enjoyable. I’ve left the baby overnight before, but I was going to be gone for a full four days. I also had to take the red-eye home ensuring that I would need some significant sleep on the fifth.
Colicky baby
Having a newly born baby is usually associated with getting very little sleep and dealing with crying round the clock. However, moms dealing with a colicky baby really know the definition of no sleep. Here are five easy tips for calming a baby who cannot seem to stop the waterworks.
stroller exercise
One of the hardest parts of getting back into shape after having a baby is finding the time to exercise and finding someone to watch the baby while you take a run or attend an exercise class. A way around this is trying to find ways to either exercise at home or include your baby in the workout. Below are a few tips for new moms that can help provide easy solutions to exercising. Mom and baby yoga classes: To be more accommodating to new moms, some yoga studios have created Mom and Baby yoga classes. Go and practice your favorite moves either incorporating your baby or letting him lay beside you. These classes involve pre-crawling babies and are a great way for new mothers to build their core strength. Babies often enjoy the movements as well as being held by their mothers. Along with building your strength, this can also be a great way to meet other new moms with babies of the same age.
vtech laptop
My husband and I have a slight addiction to our laptops. We come home, say hello to each other, pull out our phones to check email, and then hop right back on our laptops to respond to late-in-the-day messages. Despite this being standard procedure in our home, we still feel guilty when the 13-month old politely comes over and pushes our devices closed. Think she’s trying to tell us something? We’re working on not letting work interfere with our home lives too often. But when we have an urgent email to answer, we let Kaia play with her very own laptop made just for her. A laptop of her very own The VTech “Baby’s Learning Laptop” offers baby a bright light-up screen to learn shapes, common objects and feelings. Sound effects and music keep them engaged, and a little moveable “mouse” sits off to the side for a fun twist. Kaia likes to sit with her laptop, while mommy and daddy work for a few minutes. It even has a little handle at the top for easy portability.
ameda breast pump
Breastfeeding can be a beautiful, natural, bonding experience with your baby. I’ve such pride in seeing my daughter happily nurse and look up at me and smile. It’s also really easy to soothe a crying baby in the middle of the night and it tends to help baby weight melt away. The buzz kill is pumping. It isn’t natural. It’s uncomfortable, and you feel really unattractive doing it. But there’s a lot of anxiety associated with breastfeeding, too, like is she getting enough? Why is she cranky while she is nursing? Did I drink too much wine? Am I helping her sleep at night if I let her nurse all night? How can I bank enough milk before I go back to work?
birthday girl
We just celebrated Kaia’s first birthday. She is no longer an infant, but considered a toddler. And toddle she does. She is no longer drinking breast milk or formula. Gone are the jars of pureed baby food (she has nine teeth with three more on the way!). I’ve put away the excersaucer and baby swing. I have to buy her real shoes now as she navigates this whole walking thing. I’m working on eliminating the bottle before bed, which I think I’ll miss more than she will. My mom and I were just talking at Easter about how it literally seems like yesterday that she was bringing us meals so we could eat something good for us during those first few hectic weeks of newborn craziness. A whole year brings so many changes in the life of a baby, and it’s bittersweet. Gone are those precious real baby moments as I start to see a little personality emerge.