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As Dr. Harley Rotbart puts it: “each exhausting day with young kids can feel like it will never end, yet the years streak by at warp speed.” His book titled No Regrets Parenting focuses on how to find time with your kids and make the most of it while you have the chance. Dr. Rotbart's advice proves useful for any parent looking to maximize and optimize time with their children. The book easily fits into the life of a busy parent thanks to the roughly two-page chapters that can be read separate from each other and in any order. Rotbart offers the freedom of skipping around and choosing the topics that seem most relevant at any point in your life. Each chapter provides valuable guidance in only a few minutes waiting in the carpool lane or at the dentist’s office.  
Today’s fast-paced society often leaves people tired, stressed, and overall worn-out after a long week of work, chores, family schedules, and much more. Not to mention the added items on the to-do list such as buying gifts for birthdays and other occasions that creep up when we least expect them. Recognizing that others find themselves walking in these same stressed-out shoes, sometimes the best gift of all comes from the ability to spark laughter—even if it comes from the oldest, and corniest, of jokes. The World’s Oldest Joke Book provides exactly this gift of smiles and laughter. Dan Crompton’s collection of “hilariously terrible” jokes, dating back to the 4th Century AD, fits into even the busiest of lifestyles with the power to make readers chuckle after browsing through only a few short lines. Take a look at the sneak preview below: At a dignitary’s funeral in Kyme, someone goes up to the officials and asks, “Who’s the dead guy?”
The ups and downs of mother-daughter relationships – similar to tracks on a rollercoaster – bring moments of affection, often followed by anger and arguments. While the latter hopefully occurs less frequently than the former, the bumps along the tracks create a unique bond. As author Lisa Scottoline describes it, the fighting only proves that “you raised her to think independently from you, and to voice her own views.” If you find yourself in the mood for a dose of charmingly relatable independent thinking, dive into Scottoline’s newest book Best Friends, Occasional Enemies. This true tale told by the mother-daughter writing team had me laughing at everyday situations, sympathizing with the tough moments of friction, and overall appreciating my own daughter and the relationship we have formed as friends. For those who have read Scottoline’s mystery novels, this book serves as a behind-the-scenes look into the candid humor and everyday life that allow her to create such real characters that leap off of the pages and into real life.
As the mom of a six-month old baby, I cherish our special time together before bed, cuddling up in the rocker and reading our favorite books. Over the past few weeks, I find myself reading more and more to him, as his attention span sharpens and I can actually see him listening to the stories and gazing at the pictures. (Whereas, the past few months he only showed interest in grabbing and chewing on books!) A new favorite books for baby Some of our favorite books fall under the animal category. As a devoted dog-owner and all-around animal lover, I find nothing cuter than a story about three little bears being put to bed, or a runaway bunny looking for her mommy.
A recent study from Scholastic shows that parents are concerned that their kids aren’t reading enough when they have access to electronics.  It seems more important than ever for Dads and Moms to spend time reading with your kids.  The study also suggest that half of kids age 9-17 say they are interested in reading an ebook, and a third would read more if they had an ebook device.  Might be time to consider adding an iPad or Kindle to the Christmas list... From the study:  Reading Books in the Digital Age
I saw Denise Vivaldo, the author of The Food Stylist’s Handbook, present at Camp Blogaway earlier this year. She shared some funny stories and a few general tips, but kept her food styling secrets to herself. When I complained about the meager take away from the session, a friend remarked that Denise must be keeping all the good stuff for her book. Indeed she was as The Food Stylist’s Handbook chapter titles reveal:
Head First WordPress
Are you new to WordPress and wished your new blog came with an owner’s manual? Even with all the online WordPress help out there, you may want to consider buying a reference book. On book you may want to consider – and there are many books on WordPress – is Head First WordPress: A Brain-Friendly Guide to Creating Your Own Custom WordPress Blog. It explains how to:
If you read my post about reading to your baby and early literacy, you know that it is important to start reading and talking to your baby from day one. You may be asking yourself, "Where do I start with books?" It is true - there are many books and the choices can be overwhelming. It is safe to say that just about any baby's or kid's book will be a great, but here are a few favorites that are geared towards your baby's age. 0-6 Months Good books for this category involve faces, objects, and hearing sounds Moo, Baa, La La La! by Sandra Boynton. This was one of Graham's first favorites.  Moo, Baa, La La La offers first animal sounds, rhyming, rhythm, and fun illustrations.
problogger book
Last week, Darren Rowse of and Chris Garrett of announced the release of the second edition of the book they wrote together a few years back - ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income. (They refer to it as “ProBlogger the Book,” which makes me wonder if “Problogger the Musical” is in the works.)