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A good friend of mine gave me the book Baby Bargains: Secrets to Saving 20% to 50% on Baby Furniture, Gear, Clothes, Toys, Maternity Wear and Much, Much More! and I started reading it this weekend. I made it through the introduction and part of the first chapter and then started to have a panic attack. What set me off?  Well, according to the book ....
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EcoBrain EcoBrain is an online digital download store, dedicated to educating people about environmental living options while affording them the opportunity to purchase materials digitally in an effort to radically reduce the impact on the environment. Because eBooks are paper-free, easily storable and transferable electronic files, they give book readers the option of reading on the computer screen, a hand-held device, or printing off only the pages they deem necessary (preferably on recycled paper.) Additionally, because EcoBrain eBooks are delivered and produced electronically, very little energy is used in their creation and no fuel is used in their delivery. EcoBrain purchases carbon offsets for their business operations, and uses to rate carbon offset providers that they use. They are also researching options to run its servers from a server farm which uses a renewable energy source.
The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green
Previously I featured Terra Wellington’s tips on seeking out reusables to help you be more earth friendly. Here are some more tips excerpted from The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green: Saving the Earth Begins at Home on greening your gift buying and party planning efforts. Gift consciously Think eco-friendly, long lasting, and reusable when giving. Give gifts of time—like making someone a meal or cookies, teaching someone a new skill, going to the movies, going to the park—or gifts of health, like cooking classes or a gym membership.
The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green
Everyone agrees that “going green” is a great idea. But as a mom with a shortage of time and money, what are the best green choices out there for your family and the environment? Terra Wellington, the author of The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green: Saving the Earth Begins at Home, has the answers. I think I’m pretty knowledgeable about green matters since I’ve been replacing light bulbs, composting, and buying organic. Still, Terra’s practical guide is jam packed with hundreds of easy green how-tos that I hadn’t considered before.
how to be a geek goddess
As a blogger, I'm fairly geeky. I know enough HTML code to put widgets in my sidebar and enough CSS to place a banner and a background on my blogs. I've even set up password protected wifi in my house, which wasn't as plug and play as the box my router came in promised.
Fertility Journal
May 27--June 6 Kim Hahn, the founder of Conceive Magazine, and Geoffrey Sher, a pioneer in reproductive medicine have teamed up to create The Fertility Journal, a comprehensive guide to getting pregnant. It covers fertility basics--from understanding the reproductive cycle to health and nutrition while trying to conceive. Tables and charts to fill out aid women in knowing when they are ovulating and optimize their chance at conceiving each cycle. The Fertility Journal even includes sections for those undergoing fertility treatments. As pretty as it is useful, The Fertility Journal will also serve as a keepsake of the journey.
Rookie Mom
May 27--30 You've brought your child home...and now what? Authors Heather Gibbs Flett and Whitney Moss answer that question in their book, The Rookie Mom's Handbook, an extension of their popular website Rookie Moms. The book contains 250 activities you can do with (or without) your child in their first year with each suggestion aimed at not only making your day better but also giving you the confidence that you can get through these first 365 days (and all the ones that come after that too!).
Yummy Mummy
May 19--30 The first of twenty selfish pleasures listed in the Yummy Mummy Manifesto by Anna Johnson: one set of matching bra and panties (of course with requisite lace, ribbons, and embroidery). This book is about how mommy not only gets her groove back, but ensues that she never loses it in the first place. Better than a parenting book that preaches a single theory, the Yummy Mummy Manifesto is about forging your own path complete with ideas on how to get there.
May 8--23 With 60-80% of women holding jobs through pregnancy, Marjorie Greenfield's new book, The Working Woman's Pregnancy Book is an invaluable resource. Not only does Greenfield utilize her background as an obstetrician, but she picks up where other pregnancy books leave off--discussing issues specifically affecting working women such as workplace conditions and maternity leave. The book begins preconception and takes the reader through balancing life with a new baby. Any woman who plans to work through pregnancy can benefit from reading Greenfield's book and glean sound advice on keeping healthy during the pregnancy as well as being a self-advocate in negotiating work and home life.