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Do you Whrrl? If so, then what would you say if I told you that whenever you check-in, you have the chance to win big! Sounds too good to be true right? It is actually a fact. Whrrl has now launched Whrrl Societies. Whrrl Societies are the first loyalty program that rewards loyal customers for positive word of mouth and influence among their favorite businesses. Here's the idea: when you check in on Whrrl, you have the chance to win a real-world prize from participating merchants. You will start out at level one when you join a society but you are able to move up in the ranks with the levels with different opportunities.
As a parent, I’m interested in issues and causes that affect not just my children but children in general. It can be hard to stay on top of what’s going on as so many issues and causes are discussed on the web on a daily basis. Enter SparkAction. SparkAction recently launched their new site. A site dedicated to informing those interested in child advocacy issues about what’s going on, SparkAction does so in an easy to navigate, eye-appealing fashion. More importantly, they bring the information together in a way that is easy for the interested public to understand.
Free Realms
Growing up, I had a great time at summer camp. I have fond memories of cheesy three-legged races, bonfires and camp friendships. With today’s economy leaving wallets a little slim, some parents aren’t able to afford the cost of sending one or more children away to camp. While nothing can replace the actual experience of summer camp, kids can attend virtual summer camp on their computers. Free Realms is hosting a fun, virtual, camp-like experience with a different theme each week. Free Realms is a 3D “virtual world” type gaming site for kids over ten. It boasts the “Everyone 10+” ESRB rating due to crude humor and fantasy violence (you can participate in battles).
sale tag
As I have become such a tech geek mom, I am always searching online to see what kind of deal I can find so I will not have to pay full price for a particular item that I am needing/wanting. My husband always tells everyone that Jen's motto is “Never pay full price.” Just how big of a discount can one get? It is totally up to the person on how much searching and time you want to spend. Lucky for us, there is a new website that you all are going to love and it will help go along with my motto. A group of bloggers are collaborating on a new project to help us moms spend less time searching for coupons. My Coupon Database allows you to search for a particular grocery coupon. As stated on their website it is a “searchable database of all printable, newspaper insert, magazine coupons and e-coupons available.”
When it comes to online games for your kids, everyone knows about Nick, Nick Jr and maybe even PBS Kids. I've been researching some more fun online games for both younger and older children. I love educational games for kids but I also like to find some just plain fun ones as well. Things like how safe the site is are also big factors when it comes to me allowing my kids to utilize the site. I'm loving that other sites are recognizing safety issues and offering up some great options for our children!
Being a mom, we all know that kids adore story time. I am always trying to find ways to make story time more creative and fun for my girls. I have went so far as acting out characters, changing my voice as I am reading the story, and singing the words to give the story a whole new twist. What lengths we will go to make our child's night right? This is why I was pretty excited to come across a cool tool from Microsoft that will allow you to create a photo story. I have been busy creating stories for the girls that we read at bedtime. The girls have had so much fun seeing pictures from the first couple of years of their lives. Who knew pictures could have so many stories to tell?
Today's kids have so many different ways to learn available to them, right at the end of their chubby little fingertips. While sitting and reading books will always remain the number one way to expose your child to reading and learning, using technology to teach letters is a great option. Your toddler and preschooler may benefit from adding one of the following tech-toys/ideas to their learning. Keeping learning fun and varied is a great way to approach the process, so reading books one day, doing a letter puzzle the next and then incorporating a tech tool on yet another day can provide your child with a wide variety of fun learning! Here are five different things that we incorporated into the tech portion of our letter learning.
One of my favorite holidays is on the horizon. Now it wouldn't just be because I am a mom (no way... why would you think that), but also it is just a wonderful time of year to show appreciation to the ones we love and call mom. Technology has given us the opportunity to be more creative in our gift ideas. I want to showcase 5 cute and artsy gift ideas that any mom will sure love! 1. Free Printable Calendar - All moms love to see pictures of their most favorite people and what better way than to organize pictures into a yearly calendar that they will be able to enjoy all throughout the year! HP has a cool tool that lets you download a free calendar of your choice. They have so many creative artwork choices for you to choose that all you will need to worry about is adding your favorite pictures.
It's a fast paced Social Media world out there. Are you plugged into all the Web 2.0 networking sites? Some people I have talked to recently are saying "I don't know how I could live without Facebook or Twitter." But, we did live without them not that long ago. Technology is changing and it is creating a whole new world for the Social Media scene. Now, everywhere we go, most people have a phone in hand or some other tech gadget they are keeping close by. The greatest part of this is though, whenever something happens, we don't have to wait and hear it on the 6:00 evening news. We get real-time results with Facebook and Twitter as people are constantly updating their statuses on both sites. So if you are not plugged in, then you are missing out. I am not saying you have to be on the social media sites all day and all night, but it is great to use as a networking tool.