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Parents Behaving Badly
Parents Behaving Badly - by Scott Gummer An overzealous parent screaming on the side of the little league field is an iconic image of kid’s sports in America today.  Scott Gummer analyzes how parents navigate the complex emotions that are tied to youth sports today with shocking wit, humor, and truth in his book, “Parents Behaving Badly”. The book is centered around Ben and Jili Holden whose lives take a surprising turn when Ben is challenged to coach his sons little league team, following in the footsteps of his iconic father known notoriously around their small community as Couch.  As Ben struggles between coming to terms with his past relationship with his father, and his new role as parent coach he encounters both the joys and horrors that make up youth sports in America. Besides being laugh-out-loud hilarious, the book takes a frank look at urban America and the struggles parents face growing up along side their children.  
With the weather warming up and various spring projects underway, my Dad can now be seen turning in his suit jackets for t-shirts and his slacks for work jeans. Everyday after work he spends hours outside helping my Mom with yard work or completing the various do-it-yourself projects on our house. Needless to say with all this warm weather and hard work my Dad could use a little bit of sprucing up at the end of the day.   With Father's day coming up I wanted to find him a grooming kit that he could enjoy and relax with. I came across the Double Play Kit from Every Man Jack. Every Man Jack, based in San Francisco, offers personal care products for men made entirely from eco-friendly ingredients giving guys only what they need and nothing they don’t. The Double Play Kit includes everything a guy would require from shaving scrubs and lotions to body bars and deodorant. It even comes with a bonus lip balm complete with SPF 15 to keep those lips from getting sunburned in these upcoming summer months.
With Father’s Day approaching, the dilemma of finding an original yet fitting gift for the Dad in your life can be daunting. As a unique alternative to the average Father's Day gifts of ties and coffee mugs - take a look at the Weston Leather Cigar Case from RedEnvelope. This leather case can fit easily within a coat or pant pocket for carrying cigars on the go and it comes with a personally engraved lighter and stainless steel cigar cutter. It stores up to three cigars at a time so the recipient can carry their cigars without worrying about them being crushed or damaged in their pocket or briefcase. The mahogany colored leather makes this cigar holder look and feel classy. I know my Dad will love it because he's a frequent cigar smoker (really, what better way to unwind after a stressful week?) but he also loves to take weekend trips and only has those stupid plastic tubes to store his cigars. With this leather case his cigars will be safe, he'll look extremely cool (very difficult) and his initialed custom lighter will say, "Yes - I'm a professional man of leisure, out of my way."
Just in time for Father's Day, consider these cool books from McGraw-Hill for the Dad who likes to read, instead of that boring old tie again. Mind Gym: An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence
Maximum Target
As Americans we often become all too comfortable in our everyday lifestyles. We wake up, go to work, coach our kids sports teams, and push the repeat button. Martin Gower artistically crafted reality with fiction to create his tale of North Korea and its “Dear Leader” that is both eye-opening and jaw-dropping for the average citizen of our often sheltered country. Suddenly, you may be thankful that soccer practices are even allowed to exist. The “Dear Leader” is a dictator who rose to power on the foundation of propaganda, security, and manipulation. The tight web of political intricacies twists morality into an unidentifiable form that Martin Gower is seemingly attempting to expose. This book, Maximum Target, is a fictional account of a mission to assassinate the “Dear Leader”. The team is composed of Jun, Kang, and Sam. Each extremely different from the other, culturally and idealistically, the three come together with a common goal of conquering the dictator.
In Search of Fatherhood
As a father, it is difficult to always know how your actions affect your children, if what you do is the right thing and overall if your identity is that of a good dad. Kevin Renner was continuously asking himself these questions as he lost confidence in his own ability to live up to the role. But what was the definition of a ‘good dad’? Renner decided to embark on a journey to understand fatherhood from the other side of the equation- the daughter’s perspective. Through his interviews of 50 women from around the world, he was confronted with tales of joy and horror, tales both uplifting and heartbreaking. The small stories within In Search of Fatherhood place the role of being a dad in a perspective that makes reading more than a simple pastime. The stories possess depth, personality, and the capability of leaving readers changed.
After great consideration, I made my 2011 NCAA bracket and taped it onto my office wall, pinned it to my fridge, and folded a copy to have in my pocket at all times. Some people may not understand, but March Madness is serious business. Unfortunately as the Elite 8 and Final 4 round out this weekend, I have been long defeated in my pool with friends. If you haven’t made a bracket, it’s not too late! Speculating on the coming rounds immediately draws you into the action and raises your NCAA spirit. For those of you seeking to understand the craze, the formation of a bracket is the first step. It is your roadmap to March. One easy way to begin is to visit the Dove Men + Care engagment website where you can create your own bracket, watch Magic Johnson tell his story about becoming a better family man, and clip a coupon for a product in the Dove Men + Care line available at Wal-Mart and other retailers.
Stuff Every Husband Should Know
You successfully navigated years of dating, the anxiety of a proposal, and the stress of a wedding. Time for the smooth sailing to begin? Not so fast. The next step is learning that there are unwritten rules that she knows but won’t directly fill you in on.  It’s like the secret code that you tried to decipher on the back of the cereal box as a kid—minus the fact that its far more complicated and doesn’t come with an upside-down answer key.   Eric San Juan has written the rulebook to the game that husbands have been playing for thousands of years. This pocket-sized book will take the place of your “little black book” that she told you to throw out (yet we all know its secretly hidden in your sock drawer). It’s your new bible. Filled from cover to cover with the skills you need to be a husband, father, and sane human being, Stuff Every Husband Should Know is practical, quirky, and a marriage necessity.