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The hardest thing about writing this review was taking myself away from LEGO Universe long enough to finish it! That should tell you just how great this game is. LEGO Universe, the most recently released MMOG (massively multi-player online game) blew my mind. If you’ve played other LEGO video games you’ll have a bit of gaming experience. However, it’s also very different from typical LEGO games. Since it’s an online game, you can play with hundreds of players and build freely with every brick in existence. It’s one of the best games ever and the thing is, you never get tired of it. So with that said, we can move on. Playing LEGO Universe To log in you simply use the same username and password as your LEGO ID used on the LEGO website. (If you do not have this, simply go to and sign up for free.)
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The summer before I entered fifth grade, my family went to Nantucket for a vacation at the beach. Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend much time on the beach; almost the entire week we stayed there, it rained and poured! This foul weather confined us to our rented beach house for most of the vacation. But my savvy mom came (thankfully) prepared. She unloaded our car trunk, which was full of board games and card games galore, from Monopoly, to Guess Who? to card decks. These games served as our entertainment for the week and saved my brother and I from cabin fever and insanity! My family played endless games of Crazy Eights, Monopoly, and War on the screened-in porch while the rain pattered down on the old tin roof. I look back on this vacation now without bitterness, frustration, or remembered boredom; I do remember the never-ceasing rain and the way our beach toys and boogie boards sat lonely and rejected in a pile in the front hallway, but I also remember my mom, dad, brother, and me gathered around the table for a game of cards or Monopoly, laughing uncontrollably.