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Turkey Chili Dip
Over 13 million men and 12.6 million women in the US are living with diabetes. That’s why NBA All-Star and Hall-of-Famer Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, who has Type 2 diabetes himself, has teamed up on the Diabetes Restaurant Month program. He hopes to educate people about healthier menu options – like this “slam dunk” Turkey Chili Dip, which would be perfect to serve at your March Madness get together. Turkey Chili Dip Ingredients: (Yields 10 servings)
Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure
While I do not suffer from acid reflux, I’m all for healthy eating and balanced diets. So when I received an invitation to an event at the French Culinary Institute to learn about the intriguingly named, Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure, I happily signed up. Held by French Master Chef at FCI, Marc Bauer, and Founder of Voice Institute of New York, the world’s leading voice and reflux treatment center, Jamie Koufman, we learned about acid reflux and how to prevent it while watching Chef Bauer make some of the simple recipes from the cookbook.
blueberry parfait
I’m sure your new year’s resolutions have something to do with eating more healthfully – and getting your family to do the same. One way to do this is by making sure you eat a healthy breakfast. Even though it’s winter, you can still get healthy summer fruit like blueberries, thanks to growers in Chile exporting them to the US. According to the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association:
Growing up in Texas where we ate on platters instead of plates, obesity was prevalent all around. In fact, BOTH my parents had gastric bypass surgery within the last five years – they are thinner now, but it wasn’t without risk and pain.  I was lucky and learned early about how healthy eating and exercise could keep my weight manageable, but it pains me to see children affected by their parent’s unhealthy habits.  HealthyWomen’s study on obesity HealthyWomen, the nation's leading nonprofit health information source for women, recently published a survey that sheds light on how obesity now can affect future generations. The study was conducted to assess women’s understanding of the impact of obesity— particularly in terms of influence between women and their children, other family members and friends. Although the majority of women surveyed seem to understand there is parental influence on obesity, they do not recognize their role in the “cycle of obesity.”
Early morning training sessions at the gym, 9 am conference calls, pre-dawn flights? Nothing makes me dread getting out of bed more than knowing I have to be alert not long after I’ve gotten dressed and way before I’ve gone through my comforting morning wake-up routine. However, when I received an invite to join LUNA bars and their own Nicole Pemerl for a yoga session, I relished the thought of having some time in the morning to relax, be with my thoughts, and get in some stretching and movement. On the go with LUNA bars  Alone in the OM Factory studios in New York’s midtown-west, our small group of bloggers were shown the newest flavors and bars from LUNA. High in protein and fiber, I love these bars for helping to make me feel and keep me feeling full. As a big runner, I’m a fan of  on-the-go nutrition to carry with me between and on my long runs that have a light texture but contain nourishing ingredients.
I love stories about brands doing good things.  I've written about this on the DeBroff DeBrief and I plan to write more about it here. In NYC this weekend I'm going to attend the Loews Regency Hotel “Build a Better Lunchbox” event. In addition to bringing families together around packing their daily lunch in a healthier way, it's a fundraising event to support community schools through, an online, not-for-profit that supports local school projects for individual sponsorship.
Count Me Healthy bracelet
I count all the time. I count stairs, steps, bites. It's like a tick in my head to just count what I'm doing.  My son started counting a couple of weeks ago and just seemed to do it on his own. I was amazed, but not surprised because I'm sure I've drilled numbers 1-10 into his little 19-month-old brain! But counting what we are doing does have a purpose. It can help us keep track of our health and good intentions. And if I lived on the planet where I think of everything first, I would have SO come up with Count Me Healthy Jewelry. But Chelsea Gosett beat me to it and she is much more clever! This jewelry is more than beautiful, it's jewelry with a mission.