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Zebra party decorations
In the four days I spent with Party City attending six parties, here are, in my opinion, the top fun ideas I experienced: Get some personalized M&M’s. They're a colorful way to dress up your party. Get them to go along with your theme! At Party City’s NFL party they had M&M’s for every football team. Have something unexpected at your party. For instance, at the Halloween party there was a fog machine, and that blew me away.
I wasn’t sure it was proper to have a baby shower for my second daughter, but it had been 12 years in between babies, and I didn’t have a lick of baby gear. My friends and family thoughtfully gathered to throw me a sweet party in my own home. It was a joyful occasion and I received everything I needed for little girl #2. Since I don’t plan on having any more babies (I think!), I won’t be having any more baby showers. But, I have friends who have babies on the brain. After a weekend junket in Hilton Head, South Carolina courtesy of Party City, I have so many baby-themed ideas swirling in my head that I’m begging friends to get started already (you know who are).
March Madness party
March is finally here. No matter where I am I can only think of one thing- basketball. Suddenly, I am craving Buffalo wings and nachos as early as 10 AM. Never before has the workday dragged on as I read over the brackets for the hundredth time making sure I have correctly calculated the times and channels of every game for when the guys come over. If your house has become the game day go-to spot, you should consider a few things before tip-off. Cleaning, cooking and warding off germs may seem like the last things on your manly basketball to-do list, but trust me when I say the appreciation from the guys will justify your behavior later. Here are some tips from Clorox to help keep your party clean (foul language notwithstanding):
Queen of Hearts
Beyond good food and good friends, a good party is all about creativity. I just returned from a weekend in Hilton Head, South Carolina, where Party City put on some of the most creative parties I’ve ever seen. We went to one amazing event after another, designed for kids of all ages and their parents. There was something for everyone. Party City Blood Manor & Monster Ball One of my favorites was the Party City Blood Manor & Monster Ball – a Halloween party where we all got to go in costume as our favorite character. I was the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. (Very sparkly!) One of the things that really made the party a good one was the creativity. When we first arrived there was a graveyard next to the house and skeletons coming out of the ground. There was also a fog machine so when you first came up to the house it really set the scene. Now that’s creative!