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Whether celebrating your heritage or just enjoying St. Patrick’s Day festivities, get in the spirit with some Irish baking. Soda bread has been an Irish tradition since the 1800’s when the only ingredients were flour, baking soda, salt and buttermilk.  It became a daily part of Irish diet, as the bread was quick and inexpensive to make.   Over the years, we’ve added some additional ingredients to the recipe, although conventional soda bread still remains popular in Ireland.  You will find that the warm bread makes a great side alone or with stews and meat dishes.  Surprise your family and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by making a modern form of the classic Irish soda bread.   Irish Soda Bread recipe from Simply Recipes Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 40 minutes Yield: 1 loaf Ingredients
Over the years, my family has developed some favorite recipes that serve as the “go to” for special occasions or get-togethers.  When everyone gathers at our house to visit and enjoy a delicious meal, I call on Smucker’s to help perfect the traditional family recipes.   For an appetizer, I put a unique twist on a general crowd pleaser: nachos. A great way to snack while mingling, this recipe gets devoured in no time by both kids and adults. The best part- it only takes a few minutes to prepare.   Smucker’s Nachos recipe originally posted on Ingredients
For this year’s American Heart Month, National Pork Board celebrates the recent certification of pork tenderloin as the American Heart Association’s iconic Heart-Check mark! In honor of this new certification, the National Pork Board plans to sponsor this year’s Ninth Annual Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards to recognize those who have worked to maintain a healthy heart. As part of the Woman’s Day Red Dress awards, the National Pork Board created a “Dressed for Health” kit filled with heart-healthy essentials including coupons to purchase lean cuts of pork, the “Go Red” black tote bag from the American Heart Association, a BPA-free water bottle, a pedometer, digital meat thermometer, a booklet with the recipes served at the Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards, and the New American Heart Association Cookbook – filled with over 600 healthy recipes!
The Super Bowl provides a great excuse to get together with friends and family, regardless of which team you may root for. Between the game, the commercials, and the friendly chatter, even non-football fans can be entertained at a Super Bowl party.  Beer and cocktails typically represent a common staple at football gatherings but the appetizers also play an important role! These three appetizer recipes satisfy fans of all ages. Deemed man-approved, kid-friendly and easy to make- what’s better than that? Try them at your upcoming football gathering and see how fast they disappear. Spicy Sun Dried Tomato Hummus Recipe from Man Tested Recipes Ready in 5 minutes Yield: 3 cups Ingredients
Ellie Krieger’s Comfort Food Fix cookbook remakes hearty, family favorite meals into healthier and equally delicious dishes Moms can feel good about serving. Krieger herself is a Mom, nutritionist, and host of the Food Network’s Healthy Appetite. Her cookbook offers 150 recipes for satisfying and warming meals with enhanced nutritional value. The cookbook includes recipes for the usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as for everything in between: baked goods, brunch, snacks, salads, appetizers, sides, sandwiches, soups, and desserts, too. Each recipe offers full nutritional information and a before-and-after comparison between the standard version of the dish and Krieger’s healthier twist. A few great recipes from the book include honey whole-wheat cinnamon raisin bread, chipotle BBQ pulled pork sliders, broccoli-cheddar soup (with nearly 400 fewer calories than the regular version!), honey-crisp oven-fried chicken, and dark chocolate brownies.
Celebrating the New Year provides a great opportunity for getting together with friends and neighbors.  Our group usually goes by the rule of “bring an app to share” so we get to try a wide variety of recipes while mingling.  If you need to prepare an easy and delicious appetizer this year, try one of these creative ideas.  They have been a favorite at my holiday gatherings! Holiday Cucumber Cups Recipe via FamilyFun Magazine Ingredients 6 medium cucumbers 1 (8 oz) container red pepper hummus 1 (8 oz) container lemon hummus Chopped chives for garnish Directions
Are you getting bored with the classic New Year’s Eve beverage? Although Champagne has symbolized this annual celebration for many years, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the traditional glass while awaiting the arrival of 2012.  These champagne cocktails offer a few alternatives to really look forward to this year. Bellini Ingredients 6 oz. champagne 2 oz. peach juice or peach puree Directions Pour the peach juice or peach puree into a champagne flute Slowly add champagne (avoid stirring to keep the bubbles intact) Black Velvet Ingredients 4 oz. champagne 1 oz. chilled black Irish stout Directions Pour the Champagne and black Irish stout into a beer mug, pint glass or Champagne flute. Poinsettia Ingredients
There couldn’t be a better time than the holiday season to share your most prized recipes with families and friends, especially for those homemade deserts that everyone can’t wait to get their hands on! This holiday season, McCormick has partnered up with Kim Ima, a cookie expert and author of the new The Treats Truck Baking Book, to provide recipes for the most delicious cookies for the holidays. In addition to her holiday favorites, Kim’s book includes an array of other goodies like brownies, cakes, pies, frostings, and much more.   Below are McCormick and Kim’s recipes for the perfect holiday cookies this season, and don’t forget to visit the McCormick website and Facebook page for more holiday baking recipes! Little Peppermint Crispy Rice Squares
Deep in Ohio lies the town of Orrville – the birthplace of one of the most iconic family companies in the food industry – the J.M. Smucker Co. While the company’s roots stem back to the apple orchards of Ohio, today the company encompasses a wide variety of quality products that have joined the family over the years. In 2007, Smucker’s welcomed Eagle Brand as the newest member of the family.   After receiving a brief background on the classic ingredient, I heard two words mentioned in association to the condensed milk that caught me by surprise — ice cream. While the thought of creating ice cream using Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk never occurred to me, my initial view of uses for the product quickly broadened after tasting the incredibly delicious ice cream that was as simple to make as it was pleasing to eat.