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In Search of Fatherhood
As a father, it is difficult to always know how your actions affect your children, if what you do is the right thing and overall if your identity is that of a good dad. Kevin Renner was continuously asking himself these questions as he lost confidence in his own ability to live up to the role. But what was the definition of a ‘good dad’? Renner decided to embark on a journey to understand fatherhood from the other side of the equation- the daughter’s perspective. Through his interviews of 50 women from around the world, he was confronted with tales of joy and horror, tales both uplifting and heartbreaking. The small stories within In Search of Fatherhood place the role of being a dad in a perspective that makes reading more than a simple pastime. The stories possess depth, personality, and the capability of leaving readers changed.
With the arrival of spring and warmer weather comes the return my favorite weekend activity – brunch! While hosting a brunch may seem like a lot of prep time in the kitchen, McCormick’s new “Let’s Brunch” menu makes throwing this get-together an enjoyable and stress free experience. Easy to make recipes like Very Vanilla Fruit Salad, Cheesy Bacon Egg Casserole, or my favorite Stuffed French Toast – who wouldn’t like two pieces of toast filled with cinnamon spiced cream cheese – can add new flavors to your brunch spread.  
Stuff Every Husband Should Know
You successfully navigated years of dating, the anxiety of a proposal, and the stress of a wedding. Time for the smooth sailing to begin? Not so fast. The next step is learning that there are unwritten rules that she knows but won’t directly fill you in on.  It’s like the secret code that you tried to decipher on the back of the cereal box as a kid—minus the fact that its far more complicated and doesn’t come with an upside-down answer key.   Eric San Juan has written the rulebook to the game that husbands have been playing for thousands of years. This pocket-sized book will take the place of your “little black book” that she told you to throw out (yet we all know its secretly hidden in your sock drawer). It’s your new bible. Filled from cover to cover with the skills you need to be a husband, father, and sane human being, Stuff Every Husband Should Know is practical, quirky, and a marriage necessity.
As my family and members of the Mom Central staff can attest, my life sometimes seems non-stop. After a busy day catching up with Mom Central staffers, client meetings, planning dinner for my family, and helping my daughter with college applications, sometimes nothing feels better than vegging out on my couch catching up on prime-time TV. Unfortunately, even with the hundreds of stations available, I often can’t find anything good to watch. I recently heard about Men of a Certain Age, a new show on TNT, and look forward to checking out the premier with my husband. Created by Ray Romano, the show centers around three best-guy-friends, working their way through the ups and downs of being in their late 40s. It attempts to take an honest look at mid-life--balancing humor with the bigger issues that many of us must face such as work stress, relationship troubles, and leading a balanced life. I saw a sneak-peek over the weekend, and the first episode provides a great intro to the characters and an interesting debate about a dead possum. Here's a preview for you to check out: