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The Samsung Galaxy Note pretty much does it all. It combines the communication capabilities of a smart phone with the ease of browsing and large visuals of a tablet in a single on-the-go device. This gadget can help organize the life of a busy working Mom – or – with Father’s Day on the way, serve as a great gift for Dads. Powered by Android with a dual core processor, the Note uses AT&T service and offers 4G broadband Internet speed for surfing the web. With all that techy jargon aside, it does prove amazingly powerful and super fast in use. I was really impressed at its speed. The Note has the texting, web surfing, gaming, and email capabilities of other smartphones, and also offers Samsung’s ChatOn communication service, a fast direct message link between smartphones.
PureGear Pure Boom Sound Buds My ears give me trouble. I can hear just fine, my ears aren’t big, and they don’t stuck out. They give me trouble because ear buds will not stay in my ears! I’ve tried several brands, in all different sizes and they just pop out as soon as I start down the street on my morning run. The only way I can listen to music while I work out is if I use large, wrap-around-my-ears-type of earphones. I stopped listening to music when I went for a run because I didn’t want to deal with the larger earphones. Until now. Thanks to PureGear and their Pure Boom Premium Sound Buds, my days of sweaty, large earphones as the only way to bring music to my workout are over!  
As summer temperatures heat up, I like to spend as little time in my kitchen standing over the stovetop and oven as possible. Instead, I turn to premade desserts from the grocery store bakery or ice cream treats from the freezer aisle to fill the dessert void. For those who enjoy baking, the summer months can  present a challenge. Thanks to innovative and useful kitchen gadgets like the PizellePro Express Bake iron, you can create light and flavorful homemade treats without turning on your oven.   Pizzelles are as easy as they are elegant, requiring only a handful of basic ingredients including: eggs, flour, sugar, oil and flavoring, to make a delightful dessert. Once you’ve prepared the mix, the PizzellePro Express Bake iron does the rest of the work.
High Liner Foods, a premier seafood marketer, offers the Sea Cuisine brand of seasoned and prepared frozen seafood dishes. The company ensures its seafood originates from sustainable sources and offers its products in local groceries, warehouses, and club stores. Just pop them in the oven for about 30 minutes, and enjoy a tasty dinner! This minimal preparation makes the Sea Cuisine products a simple and satisfying dinner solution for busy Moms. The meals come with one of three chef-created seafood preparations: flavored crusts, light sauces, or fire-roasted taste. Sea Cuisine offers a selection of seafood, including tilapia, salmon, cod, and shrimp.
This week I said a sentimental goodbye to our mattress of the past two-plus decades, purchased right when we got married (this August marks our 25th wedding anniversary). I have to be truthful. Sentiment got in the way of comfort, with the king mattress acquiring two hammock-shaped dips over the years that we somewhat propped up with a down-bedding mattress cover. Turns out that even while I know what it feels like to sleep on a top-of-the line hotel mattress from extensive business travel, I get emotionally attached to my mattresses! This one had seen us through the raising of two kids, from toddler bed-jumping sessions to curling up all together to read books in the elementary years to having late-night talks where one of the kids decided it was the perfect moment for a Mom-perspective session. When offered the opportunity to review a brand new mattress from Jacuzzi – I agreed with equal measures excitement and trepidation. What I mostly feel after a week of sleeping on the new mattress: why the heck did I wait so long for the switch up?
Donsuemor cookies
There exist few inherent joys in life. The type of moment that makes you stop and say to yourself “this is really what living is.” It’s almost as if the whole world slows down and you honestly appreciate each breath, each sensation accumulated by your body, and you swear you’ll never take a moment – large or small – for granted again. I felt that way during my first kiss, during the 2004 Red Sox World Series win, and the first time I tasted a Donsuemor cookie. I don’t mean to sound dramatic or appear to be making these claims for the sake of a review – Donsuemor cookies are literally the greatest thing I have ever tasted. Every member of my digestive system thanked me profusely every time I took another bite.
farro and antelope steak
Sous viding vegetables Finally, I made butternut squash soup from the Sous Vide Holiday Cookbook. The soup was terrific, but I’m not sure of the advantages of cooking the butternut squash on the sous vide when I could just as easily cooked in in a pan on the stove – especially when the soup had to be finished on the stove top anyway.
PopArt Logo
As the mom of a curious and very busy toddler, I can attest to the need for stimulating and exciting toys, games and activities. The older she gets, the more she wants to explore and test her boundaries – especially in the kitchen. I love her interest and desire to help me cook dinner or bake cookies, but those activities can sometimes be challenging due to hot stoves, wobbly little hands and messy ingredients. Who knew making toast could be so fun? When we recently received a Pop Art Toaster to review at the Mom Central offices, I eagerly raised my hand to be the tester. This looked to be the perfect kitchen activity to involve my daughter in, not to mention how much she loves toast. Perfect combination!
A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to sample many new food products and gadgets at BlogHer Food. I wanted to share the handful that most stood out. Most innovative food item McComick’s has come out with an intriguing and delicious new line of roasted spices- Roasted ground ginger, Saigon cinnamon, ground cumin, and ground coriander. The roasting process has brought out a complex richness and aroma of each spice, and I’m busy swapping them out by my oven for the conventional variations. I love the depth of flavor the roasting adds to the taste. These definitely got my vote for best food innovation I saw at the conference.