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New Balance Cool Lines Short Sleeve Tee
I know shopping for a woman can be tough, but with Father’s Day right around the corner, I say finding Dad a practical yet thoughtful gift can be just as hard. Recently, I tried out the New Balance Men’s Cool Lines Short Sleeve Shirt and I think I finally found the right gift for my Dad. He wants to get back in the gym and this shirt could provide a little extra motivation to stay active. He can say goodbye to the raggedy old workout tees because this lightweight semi-fitted shirt looks and feels great on the body. Appropriate for any physical activity on Dad’s agenda this summer, the New Balance Cool Lines Short Sleeve comes in four solid colors- black, white, grey, and lemon chrome- making matching so easy that even Dad can do it.
A Reason to Tremble by Bob Mustin tells a chilling story of the Shane family, who is determined to bring justice to the hit and run driver that killed their ten-year-old daughter Emily one fateful night in their fictional town of Hope, Georgia. Unsatisfied with police performance, the Shane family takes the investigation into their own hands, eventually exposing secrets that even the police have not uncovered. When Emily’s father Pat gets thrown into jail for interfering with a capital case, her uncle Jason, a Vietnam War veteran, grudgingly takes over. Jason, already burdened with fighting his own post-traumatic battles, gets confronted with even more struggles, leaving both the Shane family and town of Hope with untied emotional loose ends.
When packing for the gym, I can’t leave without a few necessities like a towel, iPod and a stick of deodorant. Flip-flops, a somewhat overlooked item, have also become a gym bag staple for me. With so many hidden germs, I avoid even going in the locker room barefoot. Now thanks to my waterproof flip-flops from Okabashi, I never need to worry about that. The anti-slip and odor-resistant material help make these shoes ideal for wearing after a work out. They include a massaging bead insole and strong arch support for maximum comfort wherever you choose to wear them.  Also, if the shower doesn’t keep them clean, you can use the dishwasher to make them shine. An eco-friendly option, Okabashi products contain 100% recyclable material made entirely in the U.S. The company also offers a 2-year guarantee on their flip-flops so you can wear them everyday worry-free. When you want to wear them outside the gym, they serve as a stylish fit for the beach or the pool as well.
Creating a good first impression, from social life to the office, is a crucial task for every man. Whether going to a job interview, a first date, or a special work event, you want to look and feel your best. What’s the easiest way to display your mature, professional side? A stylish yet masculine necktie.   Necktie Emporium offers a wide collection of woven silk ties to fit every occasion you may come across. Their silk hand woven ties give a classic elegance while the zipper and clip on ties provide a convenient alternative to the traditional necktie.  
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 3D Blu-ray
When Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides came out this summer in 3D, I didn’t go see it. I loved the original movie and enjoy Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow character, but I felt burned by the last two sequels. When we were sent the 5 disc 3D blu-ray edition I put in my 3D disc, turned on my glasses, and hoped for the best. The movie Once again, we follow Jack Sparrow- as quirky and entertaining as ever- as he finds himself inadvertently drawn into a quest for the Fountain of Youth. Penelope Cruz plays Angelica Teach, a former love interest of Jack Sparrow’s and a welcome addition to the series Angelica has hooked up with Blackbeard, played menacingly by Ian McShane, to find the Fountain of Youth before Blackbeard’s prophecy of death comes true.
I’ve always been a fan of boxing. The pageantry, the fierce competition, and the freakish shape these athletes keep themselves in is astounding. Although we are decade or two removed from the Pay-Per-View glory days of the sport, it still stands as a national pastime, and the result of a big fight is always water-cooler fodder for Americans. I’ve always been a fan of sci-fi movies - whether it is a future dystopia, aliens come to Earth to harvest our resources, or some mysterious creature from the deep ocean terrorizes Manhattan. These types of films that suspend reality create an atmosphere of what “could be” and for films like Real Steel that take place in the very near future, it adds an even greater element of realism. I’ve always been a fan of Hugh Jackman. He's manly enough to play Wolverine and rip mutants to shreds on a daily basis but also comfortable enough with himself to star on Broadway in musicals. He’s witty, can play the leading man, and definitely lifted a weight or ten before filming Real Steel.
Ask any Dad you know - having a new baby comes with challenges. Unlike the latest gadget you purchased, new babies do not arrive equipped with an owner’s manual and detailed step-by-step instruction pamphlet. For new Dads feeling lost within the realm of parenting, the Ontario Network Father Involvement Initiative has set out to provide online “cribside assistance” to those in need. Driven by the passion for the bond between fathers and children, the site delivers information for Dads, by Dads. From a “fuel-consumption” guide for feeding, to a complete Dad’s “tool kit” for the road, the site provides a dose of all things Dad in a manly manner that leaves you feeling competent and prepared for all parenting challenges.
Taking vitamins does not lie on the top of my favorite activities list. Always purchasing multi-vitamin supplements with the best intentions, the containers generally remains three-quarters full until the time the expiration date rolls around. Either from forgetfulness, or the sheer dislike for swallowing pills, the vitamins simply never live up to their healthy expectations. While vitamins quickly squeeze their way out of my daily schedule, hydration does not. After every workout, I quickly reach for the nearest thirst-quenching beverage generally arriving in the form of my usual sports drink. Although I had been forewarned about the high sugar content of such drinks, I had yet to find a competitor that would deliver on both taste and healthy content.
How manly would you describe yourself? Sure you watch the football game on Sunday and enjoy a good beer with your buddies, but how well would you score in the etiquette category of manhood? What about home renting, career, negotiation, urban survival, boating, or nutrition categories? If anxiety is brewing, it might just be time for you to put down the beer and man up. The Man Test by Robert Dodenhoff tests readers on all of the categories that make up manhood. While she may want to know, the book does not come with a requirement to disclose the results to the women in your life. Although the initial test score may seem discouraging, the following chapters provide resources in every arena that a man’s knowledge cover.
It's summer - I sweat, I stink. If I'm walking to work on a humid morning - sweat. Working out at the gym? I'll probably stand around for awhile, but I will consider sweating. Normal deodorants do their best to cover up the odor, leaving you walking around like someone who resembles some sort of Fresh Scent/BO hybrid. The new Gillette Odor Shield line of products proposes a simple solution (crafted through hours of vigorous laboratory testing) to eliminate smelly man smells at the source using Reactive Technology. The Gillette PR company sent me a care package, daring me to put their items to the test using various liquids that may even smell worse than my typical sweaty morning. Check it out: So there you have it. The Odor Shield technology eliminated the odor of the liquids and left a fresh scent. The Odor Shield Deodorant and All Day Body Wash can allow me to stop worrying about smelling and start worrying about more important things this summer - like why I thought buying a neon green bathing suit was a good idea.
“An American in Vienna” by Chip Wagar is the fateful story of Andy Bishop, a recent graduate in Journalism who leaves his home of Ohio to find his distant Austrian relatives.  His timing however was ill fated as he arrives to Austria, Hungary just three weeks before the assassination of Austria’s Kaiser, or ruler’s nephew, and nephew’s wife.  The result is Bishop witnessing the last stand of imperial Austrian society.   Rich in historical knowledge and facts, “An American in Vienna” describes the details of the lead up to, beginning and start of World War I and its inevitable consequences. Wagars inspiration for his book was the overwhelming lack of literature on World War I, and how he feels the Great Was is what set the course for modern European and World History.    
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