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Green cleaning with iQ REFill household cleaners

Monday, December 5, 2011 - 11:25am
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Michelle Fernandez

I’m all for environmentally-friendly cleaning products and I seek them out for my home, but they really have to work! Also, I find that I’m rushing around so much that I’m usually cleaning around things on my counter tops instead of properly clearing before cleaning like my mother taught me. And if you can stop a toddler from picking up something off the floor or countertops and inserting it directly in their mouths I applaud you – I fail that quickdraw contest often and that’s why I need to trust that our cleaning products aren’t toxic.

Fortunately, Planet People provide a green and productive solution called iQ REFill (Reduced Environmental Footprint). It’s really pretty amazing and affordable enough that you can make the switch to green cleaning without an ounce of guilt.

The iQ REFill uses iQ’s re-usable spray bottles that you buy empty and fill with tap water. Just add a REFill cartridge like you would add an ink cartridge to a pen – no pouring required. Once the cartridge is inserted into the clear bottle, you can watch the all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner or bathroom cleaner mix with the tap water. In an instant it is mixed and ready to clean up your mess.

The cleaner’s fragrances come in green tea, bamboo berry and nectarine plum, which are fresh and different. Not only is the cleaner’s cartridge non-toxic and mess-free, but it also reduces 80% of the plastic waste. It smells so good and works so well that cleaning is actually therapeutic at the end of an insane day!

Planet People recently announced nationwide availability of the iQ REFill at 1500 stores across North America at Hannaford, Sweetbay and Spartan, and online at  and The iQ starter kit which includes spray bottle with cleaning solution and one cartridge is $4.99. Refill replacement cartridges retail for approximately $1.99.


Disclosure: Michelle received a sample of the iQ REFill glass cleaner product to facilitate this review - and uses it on everything. Her opinions and experiences are her own.


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