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Celebrating Healthy Lunches on the Go with Bentology
Influence Central received two samples of Bentology products to facilitate our post. All opinions are our own. March is National Nutrition Month, and although this month officially recognizes nutrition, we know that it is always something that should be top of mind for both adults and children. Two key elements that keep our nutrition in check are portion control and eating fresh foods. One product line designed to help make achieving both of these nutritional goals easy, even for busy moms on the go, is Bentology. Bentology offers colorful bento box-inspired containers that allow us to easily portion out, pack, and store healthy lunches on the go. The bento provides parents with an easy blueprint on how to prepare, healthy lunches because they are designed for suggestive portions of vegetables, fruit, protein and grains. We love how there is even a small container that is ideal for salad dressing or oils.
Cork Pops’s VinOair Wine Aerator
Influence Central received a sample of the CorkPops VinOair, Stircicles, and Savor Stones in order to facilitate this review. All of the opinions expressed are our own.
Making Simple, Flavorful Cold Brew Coffee at Home with Cold Bruer
Influence Central received a sample of the Cold Bruer to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. Many times when I’ve purchase iced coffee on the go, it’s not strong enough for my liking. This can happen when regularly brewed hot coffee is diluted with ice. So, when I make coffee at home using my coffee pot, I worked out a decent formula to use half the water and fill the coffee pot with a handful of ice cubes so that the hot brewed coffee cools down and doesn’t get too watered down in the process. I was very excited to discover a product that would help me create the clean taste of cold brewing at home in an easy and precise way without having to engage in my ice and water science experiment on my way out the door – the Cold Bruer! The Cold Bruer is a slow-drip cold brew coffee maker that represents a new, efficient way to brew coffee at home. The Bruer’s slow-drip process brings out the best of the natural differentiating characteristics of cold brewed beans, without the possibility of over-extraction.
Le Petit Chef Teaches Kids Smart Cooking Techniques
Influence Central received a complimentary sample of Le Petit Chef to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed here are our own. We Moms love getting our kids hooked on cooking. It proves a great way to forge independence, develop important real-life skills, and foster creativity. But the sight of our kids with one of the most important cooking tools in hand – the Chef’s knife – can do most of us in. That’s why I loved seeing the new Le Petit Chef from OPINEL while visiting the International Housewares Show in New York last month. It represents a real French Chef’s knife, but in a petite size, with safeguards for kids such as a non-pointed tip, a ring to keep hands placed correctly, and a small shield that keeps little fingers out of the way while chopping.
Thrive Market
Influence Central received a complimentary membership to Thrive Market to facilitate our review. All opinions are our own. When I have the choice to purchase natural, organic and wholesome ingredients, I always want to make the choice to do so over less healthier products. However, when shopping for these “better for you” alternatives, sometimes they can be pretty costly at small, local stores and even at larger chains. So I was excited to discover Thrive Market, an online shopping solution that offers natural products at wholesale prices. Thrive Market curates a wide selection of over 2,500 natural and organic items from 400 brands that are sold at 25-50% less than typical retail prices. The mission of Thrive Market is to make healthy living easy, affordable and accessible for families all over the country. Since the products are shipped, Thrive Market offers a wide variety of non-perishable goods – ranging from healthy snacks, cooking ingredients, natural home goods and bath, and beauty products.
Influence Central received samples to facilitate our post. All opinions are our own. Soon many of us will be making resolutions to choose foods that are healthier for ourselves and our families. While we know it’s best to opt for healthier choices, it really helps us make these decisions when these “better for you” options are actually delicious! We recently discovered a line of “better for you” snacks that is tastier than many of our favorite traditional snacks that are higher in fat – Snikiddy. Snikiddy was founded in 2006 with the goal of offering simple, wholesome and real products that families will enjoy. One of our favorite snacks within the Snikiddy family is the Baked Fries. As fans of savory snacks, these are a delicious alternative to greasier fries and chips. The Baked Fries are available in some unique flavors, including Bold Buffalo, Sea Salt and Barbeque. Our top pick here at Influence Central is the Bold Buffalo. These Baked Fries feel like a healthier way of consuming some of our favorite flavors!
No Stains for the Holiday Season with This #HowToTuesday Life Hack
Disclosure: Amex EveryDay “At Your Service” is a client of Mom Central Consulting. It happens at least once during the holiday season – a big, colorful mess takes place during the most inconvenient time or location. The animated guest who talks with his hands and connects with your glass of red wine – and your new cream-colored lace top. The squabbling nephews who turn a previously pristine tablecloth into a kaleidoscope of colors – and you find it hours later buried under a pile of napkins. Before you know it, you find yourself stepping back from holiday festivities to mop up a big mess, and deal with the after-effects of an unexpected stain.
Magical Meringue Cookies on #HowToTuesday
Disclosure: Amex EveryDay “At Your Service” is a client of Mom Central Consulting. Sometimes when I cook or bake, I don’t mind spending all day in the kitchen, pulling out endless ingredients and whipping up complex creations. Yet at other times – for example, during the busy holiday season – it can be a challenge to find the time to devote to a more complicated recipe. Moreover, the holidays represent the one time of year where we find ourselves needing a festive, no-fuss, and great-tasting recipe that we can take to everything from cookie exchanges to holiday open houses.
Celebrating #HowToTuesday with Turkey & Veggie Chili
Disclosure: Amex EveryDay “At Your Service” is a client of Mom Central Consulting. With temperatures beginning their December plummet, this month represents the perfect time for we Moms to expand our repertoire of comfort food. A few weeks ago, we discovered a favorite new macaroni ‘n’ cheese recipe, and this week on #HowToTuesday, we whipped up a warm-you-all-over batch of Turkey and Veggie Chili. Our culinary adventure began with a #HowToTuesday box filled to the brim with key ingredients to create a bubbling batch of chili. The Amex EveryDay “At Your Service” team included tri-color dried beans, olive oil, key spices – cumin, chili powder, and oregano – and a set of four soup/chili bowls.
Decadent French preserves from Bonne Maman
Influence Central received samples to facilitate this post. All opinions are our own. Gifts for the kitchen are one of my favorite categories to shop for during the holidays. There are so many unique, innovative products that can enhance the culinary experience that your loved ones might not yet know about, but will make a big impact in their cooking and hosting endeavors! Here are a few of our favorite products to consider for gift ideas, or thoughtful hostess gifts this holiday season: Bonne Maman – A great hostess idea or stocking stuffer is a gift sampler of decadent French preserves from Bonne Maman. We love the innovative flavors – from Redcurrant to Golden Plum Mirabelle – that are sure to elevate simple dishes, and inspire your gift recipient to use the preserves in some delicious recipes, which can be found on the site.
Creating the Ultimate Comfort Food with Amex EveryDay “At Your Service”
Disclosure: Amex Everyday “At Your Service” is a client of Mom Central Consulting. Every Mom knows the power that lies within macaroni ‘n’ cheese. It proves time and again to be the one dish that all kids will eat and possesses the ability to both soothe and celebrate whatever our kids’ may be dealing with at any given moment. It also can be found universally on kids’ menus no matter a restaurant’s genre. It’s also a dish that’s coming into its own as adult fare. We now see gourmet versions in both high-end restaurants and cookbooks – whether featuring combinations of artisanal cheeses or decadent additions such as lobster, pancetta, or shaved truffles. Surprise & Delight
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