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Creating the Ultimate Comfort Food with Amex EveryDay “At Your Service”
Disclosure: Amex Everyday “At Your Service” is a client of Mom Central Consulting. Every Mom knows the power that lies within macaroni ‘n’ cheese. It proves time and again to be the one dish that all kids will eat and possesses the ability to both soothe and celebrate whatever our kids’ may be dealing with at any given moment. It also can be found universally on kids’ menus no matter a restaurant’s genre. It’s also a dish that’s coming into its own as adult fare. We now see gourmet versions in both high-end restaurants and cookbooks – whether featuring combinations of artisanal cheeses or decadent additions such as lobster, pancetta, or shaved truffles. Surprise & Delight
Backyard Farms Somerset Pinks Tomatoes
Members of Influence Central attended a press lunch at Nebo restaurant in Boston to sample the new Somerset Pinks and facilitate this review. For over two years, the tomato growers of Backyard Farms have dedicated their time and know-how to perfect the growing of Somerset Pink, their newest tomato. This full-flavored gourmet beefsteak tomato is a favorite among connoisseurs and its delicate balance of acidity and sweetness with a smooth texture makes it an essential addition to the kitchen of any produce lover. The Somerset Pink tomatoes prove the perfect complement to any salad or sandwich, but their lingering sweet taste stands on its own with just a drizzle of olive oil, mozzarella, and some fresh basil. These tomatoes prove difficult to grow, so it’s no wonder that it took the experienced farmers of the incredible Backyard Farms brand to make this happen.
Creatively Sweet Celebrations from Cookies by Design
Influence Central received a cookie basket from Cookies by Design to facilitate this post. All opinions are our own. Birthdays, holidays and special occasions are inherently pretty “sweet” on their own, but there’s a creative way to make the special days even sweeter with Cookies by Design. Cookies by Design allows shoppers to shop online to send beautifully arranged cookie bouquets in the mail. It’s so easy to shop by holiday, season, price, and even the bouquets that are available for same day delivery based on your location. I loved perusing the festive Fall cookie bouquets, complete with scarecrows, pumpkins, turkeys and more. The Halloween options are pretty spook-tacular! There are even some unique arrangements for hostess gifts and housewarming presents. I saw some really nice designs that would be perfect for baby showers or get well bouquets. Within each theme, you can customize the number of cookies and size to ensure that you are sending the right amount of sweets within your budget.
Beka Tri-Lux Conical Saucepan
Influence Central received a complimentary sample of the Beka Tri-Lux 8-inch Conical Saucepan in order to facilitate this review. All of the views expressed are our own. Internationally-respected brand Beka has become staple cookware in kitchens of professional chefs around the world. Beka’s Eco-Logic mission creates the foundation for reliable and durable products, promising customers that what they manufacture will save energy, efficiency, and time. The Beka Tri-Lux Conical Saucepan aligns with that promise, providing a professional quality piece of cookware that proves good for our food, as well as good for our environment.
Circulon Symmetry 4.5 Quart Chef Pan
Mom Central received a complimentary Symmetry 4.5 Quart Chef Pan from Circulon in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed here are our own. We all know how important sitting down for a family meal is. Dinnertime creates the perfect opportunity to reconnect and recharge with our loved ones, keep informed on our goings-on, model manners for our children, share ideas, stories and values, encourage healthy eating and more. The problem is that sometimes we have so much going on that the idea of a sit-down meal remains just that: an idea. At the end of a busy day, the prospect of cooking a home-cooked meal can be positively daunting. This is where single-skillet meals can provide the perfect solution, allowing for maximum time spent together as a family, minimal time cooking and cleaning. Throwing together a stir-fry, stew or a hearty chili rather than waiting for water to boil while simultaneously coaxing chicken to the perfect interior temp and making sure the vegetables don’t overcook proves much more efficient.
Peanut Butter and Banana Sushi – A Tasty Recipe from Envirokidz!
Mom Central received samples of Envirokidz cereal to facilitate this post. All opinions are our own. Looking for a fun way to make lunchtime snacks more exciting for the kids – or even to entertain your adult friends? We love the creative recipes featured on Envirokidz’ website, and feel even better about eating these products knowing that they are healthy for us – and the planet. All of Envirokidz’ cereals are organic, vegan and packed with eight grams of whole grains. They are also low in fat, gluten- and wheat-free and trans-fat free. Kids will find them tasty (and us adults do, too!) and we can feel great about serving organic and non-GMO cereals that the whole family can enjoy. We also love that Nature’s Path donates 1% of sales to help the planet.
Viking's Stainless Steel 8" Fry Pan
Mom Central received a complimentary 8-inch fry pan from Viking in order to facilitate this review. All of the ideas expressed are our own. Stainless steel fry pans have always been the chef’s go-to for the most flavorful searing and browning of fish, meat and vegetables. The Viking brand, known for its high-end, professional stainless steel kitchen appliances, has expanded its product line to include a set of cookware ideal for the serious chef in each of us. The Viking 8-inch Fry Pan’s three-ply construction conducts heat evenly and quickly, delivering superb cooking results. The Viking performs well in high temperatures, on both regular and induction stovetops as well as in the oven.
 7-inch Swiss Diamond Fry Pan
Mom Central received a complimentary 7-inch Fry Pan from Swiss diamond in order to facilitate this review. All of the views expressed are our own. If the brand Swiss Diamond sounds familiar, it’s likely due to its reputation of having patented a nonstick cookware technology created with real diamond crystals. When I was given their 7-inch fry pan to try, I decided to put this award-winning nonstick surface to the test, by cooking oil-free. The 7-inch Swiss Diamond Fry Pan sautés ingredients, and cooks up side dishes and small meals with ease. It also moves effortlessly from stovetop to oven, so you’ve only got one pan to wash when you’re done! Unlike lesser-quality pans on the market, it’s completely free of potentially-harmful PFOA chemicals and is constructed with pressure-cast aluminum for even cooking and a long life.
Stainless Steel Square Griddle from 360 Cookware
Mom Central received a complimentary Square Griddle from 360 Cookware in order to write this review. All of the opinions expressed are our own. As fall draws near, my family grows busier every day, and I need a pan that I can rely on for when I need to make a quick meal in a rush, whether that be breakfast or a late dinner. Even with the return-to-routine that autumn brings, finding the time to whip up creative and tasty dishes often eludes me. The Stainless Steel Square Griddle from 360 Cookware offers a safe, even and efficient cooking surface for almost any meal, busy, weekday time constraints be gone! This versatile, square griddle has become my go-to for full weekend breakfasts for the family, with the gorgeous, stainless steel surface perfect for even-heat cooking across its 11-inch dimensions. With this pan, I easily cook up bacon, eggs, and even French toast in just a matter of minutes.
Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher
Mom Central received a complimentary sample of the Mavea Water Filtration Pitcher in order to facilitate this review. All of the opinions expressed are our own. We drink a lot of water at our house, which means we need a water filtration system that can stand up to our demand, and not stand empty after it makes it only halfway around the dinner table! The Mavea’s Elemaris System offers a sleek, reliable, and intelligent design. This water-filtration pitcher looks like a stylish serving piece, begging not to be shoved in the back of your refrigerator, but rather brought to the dinner table for your family and guests to enjoy. I’ve used other filtration pitchers before, and my least favorite aspect lies in having to refill them by taking the entire system apart. With an automatic pour-through lid, the Mavea leaves no watery mess on your counter, and its Smart Meter status screen right on the lid tells you the condition of the filter.
Bialetti Aeternum Ceramic Cookware
Mom Central received a complimentary Bialetti Aeternum 11” Deep Sauté Pan in order to facilitate this review. All of the opinions expressed are our own. If our crowded kitchen cabinets have taught us anything, it’s how difficult it can be to find reliable cookware that delivers great results. Known for its high-quality cookware, Bialetti’s Aeternum Cookware line proves no different, adhering to exceptional standards and providing an easy and eco-friendly cooking experience. The Bialetti 11” Covered Deep Sauté Pan is a reliable staple you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again.
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