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Review: Del Monte Fruit Chillers Freeze & Eat Tubes

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 - 5:01pm
Del Monte Fruit Chillers Freeze Eat Tubes

Del Monte recently released Fruit Chillers Freeze & Eat Tubes in Strawberry Snow Storm and Grape Berry Blizzard. Just in time for summer vacation.

I received the sample tubes in the mail. Like the Fruit Chiller cups, they are shelf stable and don’t have to be frozen until you’re ready to have a treat. This comes in handy when you running around town doing errands, and can’t make it home before your frozen goodies turn into strawberry flavored puddles in the trunk.

I froze them overnight and gave them to my children as an afternoon snack. (I had a taste, too.) Delicious, refreshing and sweet, but more like a fruit smoothie than a sorbet, which makes sense since they’re mostly made from fruit puree and fruit juice. (The strawberry was grittier than the grape.) The kids, of course, loved them, and would eat two or more at a time if I let them.

Fruit Chillers Freeze & Eat Tubes are fairly guilt free, too, since each tube is only 55 calories and contains 25% of your daily required Vitamin C. (If you’re a mom whose watching her figure, only 1 Weight Watchers POINTS per tube!) Check out their Chillers Comparison Calculator to see how Chillers compares to other snacks. Freeze & Eat tubes do contain sugar, but not high fructose corn syrup. Yay!

You can find Del Monte Fruit Chillers Tubes near the canned Del Monte fruit cup snacks at your local grocery store. Click here to get a $1 off coupon at RedPlum.