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Meet the Healthy Snacking Monsters

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 12:11pm
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Stacy DeBroff

Sending kids to school with lunch boxes packed full of healthy snacks presents quite the challenge for many Moms and Dads. Not only do most all-natural and organic foods come in bulk, but these items also lack the junk food brand packaging appeal that kids crave at the lunch table. Faced with these challenges, along with the desire to live in an eco-friendly manner while avoiding harmful chemicals, two Moms teamed up to bring four crazy cute monsters to life.

These monsters – Sammy, Scout, Bailey, and Dusty – adorn the outside of Wexy lunch and munch snack bags. The BPA-free and biodegradable bags offer an easy way for Moms to send kids to school with fresh fruits and vegetables, organic snacks, and gluten-free goodies. Packaged up in bags decorated with their favorite little monsters, healthy snacks take on an entirely new and exciting identity.

The line, inspired by kids and created by Moms, includes online stories of the four monsters encouraging kids to get active, eat healthy, and have some monster-sized fun. See for yourself how quickly healthy snacks become a fun trend with Wexy lunch and munch bags. 

Disclosure: Mom Central received Wexy lunch and munch bags to facilitate this review.


I love these bags, wanna see

I love these bags, wanna see them in Target!

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