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New moms find ways to go green

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 - 9:31am
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Erica Gatlin
mom goes green

Since many of us moms rely on word-of-mouth for advice and recommendations on a variety of things, I thought I’d reach out to my mom network for just that. This week I have gathered thoughts from my fellow new moms to ask them how they have “greened” their life since baby. I received many valuable tips just proving that my mom friends rock.

Tricia told me:

I found that I was using was WAY too many paper towels - cleaning up spills, cleaning the high chair, wiping Kylie's hands and face after meals etc. So I bought a bunch of cheap dish towels from Target. I use them instead of the paper towels and just wash them once a week. Saves money, too!

I do this too! Keep a steady supply of face clothes right under the high chair to grab for those especially messy moments.

Chris wrote:

I wish I could be more helpful, but I'm not the best “green mom”! However, I always use my reusable cloth grocery bags now on my many trips to the grocery store and CVS, mostly for baby supplies! I also recycle all baby food jars and plastic containers. I also use bibs and burp cloths for feeding and when Dominic is drooling a lot, so that cuts down on paper product use.

We had to replace our washing machine recently. We bought a front loader instead of a top loader, which cuts down a lot on the water we’re using.

Good to start thinking of buying more efficient appliances as you need to replace them.

Lani shared:

I make homemade baby food and freeze it in ice cube trays and then transfer to zip-lock bags.

I compost uneaten fruit and veggies.

I try to avoid single serving items and buy the bigger sizes and separate into my own reusable containers. (This also saves $$$.)

I use vinegar and water mixture to clean.

Hmm, vinegar and water. I just learned something new.

Bethany told me:

The paper towel free kitchen is a good one! We just started doing that, too. I notice if I have the paper towels out in my kitchen, they are SO easy to grab. So I have to hide them in my pantry.

Also, we switched all of our home cleaning products to Shaklee when I had Sadie Grace. They are a “climate neutral company” so they supposedly make zero impact on the environment. For example, when they sent me my member info/kit, they planted five trees to counteract the impact on the environment. I thought that was pretty cool.

All of their cleaning products are non-toxic which is HUGE for me having a baby in the house. And most of the products are concentrated, which is really green because you use LESS (huge plus for me is saving money!) So one bottle of Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate makes 216 bottles of all purpose cleaner.

I had never heard of Shaklee, but will check them out.

Megan wrote back saying:

Here are some tips. Most of them may be a little out there for some people, but they work for us!

1. Cut up receiving blankets to use as wipes

2. Make homemade wipes spray - economical and reduces buying plastic. You make them out of water, lavender essential oil, witch hazel, jojoba or other vegetable oil.

3. Feed your baby what you're eating - no jars, blending, packaging required!

4. Communicate with your baby about their bathroom habits - forget the cloth versus disposable debate. You can save quite a few diapers a day by offering baby a chance to use the potty.

5. Take a bath with your baby a few times a week and save on water.

6. Buy large plastic baby "stuff" on Craigslist or borrow from friends. You only use them for such a short period of time. For that matter, buy clothes and other toys on CL or at yard sales etc.

I’m all for the hand-me-downs! My husband also loved the idea of repurposing receiving blankets and made some new rags for polishing the furniture. Kaia and I also love taking a tub together.

I hope you moms out there find at least one of these tips useful. I know I learned a few things just by putting out the request.

(And thanks mammas for helping me with my post this week! XOXO Erica)


Erica Gatlin is VP, Client Strategy with Mom Central. She is also a wife and a mother of a teen and an infant daughter. Connect with Erica at and follow her on Twitter @erica7227.


Hi there!, I'm all about

Hi there!,

I'm all about the green movement, anyway to detoxify, clean the earth, and better my life I'm all about. I actually just came across this product line, I swear its a godsend lol, but I think its incredible. They have everything from sun up to sun down like vitamins to household cleaning products, wipes, to weightloss products! Theyre 100% certified organic, toxin free, and have scientificly proven patented technology in ALL of their products...I actually had this really bad rash on my stomach and I used their lotion that I just received a few days ago, and I put it on.....OMG word...GONE husband is a barber and washes his hands a lot and his hands started to split n bleed so he put some on last night and this morning the cracks were gone! INCREDIBLE! ...honestly cant say enough about these products love love LOVE!

Hi Erica! I loved your post.

Hi Erica! I loved your post. I have a 2.5 yr old and an 5mo old and the paper towels fly out of this house almost as quickly as diapers. Keeping a bunch of facecloths by the highchair is a tip that I'm going to put to use right now!

I came across your post while doing some research on green bloggers to invite to a Twitter party on Monday night hosted by Ruckus Media. We'd love it if you could join the conversations! You can follow us on Twitter @ruckusmedia.


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