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Product review: gDiapers

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 - 5:04pm

gDiaper care and laundering

Many cloth diapering sites recommend washing diapers with vinegar to remove soap buildup. However, if you use vinegar to wash waterproof materials, you'll ruin it's waterproof properties. I had to replace some of my nylon liners for this reason.

Other than that, care for the gDiapers is really simple. I washed them with a cloth diapersafe detergent (less than usual since I have an HE machine) and then line dried the plastic inners. I machine dried the cloth prefolds I was using, only because I didn't have enough to wait for them to line dry. (With microfleece inserts like gCloth, it would take quite a while for all of the moisture to evaporate.) An occasional machine dry of the nylon liners is recommended in order to “reset” the elastic at the legs.

If there were issues with a pooh diaper staining the white nylon snap-in liner, being laid out on a sunny day made the stain disappear. Ah, the healing powers of the sun!

Good fit for babies AND toddlers

I used gDiapers on both my three-year-old who was potty training and my two-month-old baby. Since I was already using mediums on the baby, I was able to use the same size plastic liners for both kiddos, which helped a lot when sorting out the laundry. (There are two sizes of liner - small and medium/large.)

After about a month of buying the biodegradable inserts, I took a friend up on her offer of a bag of prefolds and started using them instead of the disposables when we were at home. That quickly spilled over into days out, weekends away, and then full-on cloth diapering. It was just too expensive at $0.41/diaper compared to the $0.24/disposable diaper I had previously used, but neck-in-neck with chlorine-free diapers which are $0.40 each.)

I was able to use gDiapers for nighttime wetting of my toddler and infant by doubling up, and they were trim enough during the day that my toddler could wear them without his clothes fitting funny.

Another design feature that I like, but that makes it a little trickier to get used to is that they fasten in the back. This is great for keeping busy hands from the fasteners, but a little awkward at first for the user.

Why I'm investing in gDiapers again

The reason that I switched to bumGenius for my little one was that I wanted a barrier between his bum and the cloth diaper. The new gCloth inserts have microfleece and hemp, so that the moisture is wicked away while still having a trim fit and lots of absorption.

I sold all of my bG's before moving, and am ready to head back into pre-potty training so have decided on gDiapers again because I really liked them for this phase with my three-year-old. When I stopped using them last time, I was able to sell them through a cloth diapering network and got a great return on my investment. Something you can't say about a disposable diaper!

Plus, and this is a completely superficial reason, they're really cute. Having boys, I gravitate the “cute” whenever I can! I'm waiting to get mine because they're just getting ready to roll out their fall line, and I can't wait to see the fun new colors they release.

Finally, the company posted on Facebook that shipping generates over 10% of the world's green-house gas emissions. For that reason, they've partnered with Green Shipping in order to make shipments carbon neutral.

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re: Product review: gDiapers

these looks awesome. i have always wanted to use cloth diapers and am worried that it will be so much work. especially when not at home. any ideas?