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Schoolhouse Rock: Earth’s all-new original songs include: Report from the North Pole The Little Things We Do The Trash Can Band You Oughta Be Savin' Water The Rainforest
Features of the Down East Doormats: Made from 100% recycled float-rope used by Maine lobstermen. Traps dirt, mud, snow and sand like no other mat. Clean up is a snap - just shake the mat out or hose it down. The mats are quick drying, too. Colorful and esthetically pleasing, and unique. Resistant to mildew and salt water. The mats do not retain water or harbor insects like natural fiber mats. Reversible - just turn it over and start anew. Down East Doormats come in a variety of colors and sizes (18” x 30” and 24” x 36”). Each mat is one of a kind, hand-woven by local crafters in Maine. Contact Down East Doormats to find out how where they are sold or how to purchase one. Giving Back: Maine Float-Rope Company Commitment The Maine Float-Rope Company gives a percent of its profits to organizations and projects that help protect the Northern Right Whale, Maine lobstermen and support environmentally sound practices in the Gulf of Maine.
Would the world be better off if some of us didn't drive a Prius? Should a smog alert be issued for your living room? Are disposable diapers as bad for the environment as everyone thinks? You'll get answers to these and other questions when Seventh Generation's Jeffrey Hollender hosts Big Green Lies premiering Earth Day, April 22nd at 9 p.m. EST on Fine Living Network. Here's a preview of the show:  
Least Wasteful City highlights According to the Nalgene Least Wasteful City Study:
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EcoBrain EcoBrain is an online digital download store, dedicated to educating people about environmental living options while affording them the opportunity to purchase materials digitally in an effort to radically reduce the impact on the environment. Because eBooks are paper-free, easily storable and transferable electronic files, they give book readers the option of reading on the computer screen, a hand-held device, or printing off only the pages they deem necessary (preferably on recycled paper.) Additionally, because EcoBrain eBooks are delivered and produced electronically, very little energy is used in their creation and no fuel is used in their delivery. EcoBrain purchases carbon offsets for their business operations, and uses to rate carbon offset providers that they use. They are also researching options to run its servers from a server farm which uses a renewable energy source.
Seven ways to reduce your “eating out” waste and carbon footprint Share a meal with a friend. Portion sizes are huge in most restaurants, so split a dish with a friend. Order two appetizers instead. Not only is it more Earth friendly to order less food – and not have leftovers - but your waistline will be better off, too. Bring your own doggy bags - bring sealable plastic containers and bags for leftovers. (See Elizabeth of Seward of Planet Green’s article, The Art of Using Reusable Containers to learn how to properly do this.) Don’t want the leftovers? Take them home anyway and “feed” them to your composter. (My daughter always brings her sandwich crusts home from school to put in our kitchen composter.) Ask your server or the restaurant manager about their green efforts and if they recycle and compost. Thank them if they do – and continue to patronize their business. If they don’t have green initiatives in place, offer to help them get started.
The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green
Previously I featured Terra Wellington’s tips on seeking out reusables to help you be more earth friendly. Here are some more tips excerpted from The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green: Saving the Earth Begins at Home on greening your gift buying and party planning efforts. Gift consciously Think eco-friendly, long lasting, and reusable when giving. Give gifts of time—like making someone a meal or cookies, teaching someone a new skill, going to the movies, going to the park—or gifts of health, like cooking classes or a gym membership.
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