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Flavors of San Juan
Mom Central received a Food Tour from The Flavors of San Juan in order to facilitate this post. As I’ve mentioned before, I can’t say enough about what San Juan, Puerto Rico has to offer – because it truly has something for everyone. But if you’re into not only history but also food – The Flavors of San Juan, Old San Juan Food Tour is incredible. My first organized tour was with the The Flavors of San Juan Food & Culture Tours and I attended the Chef For a Day™ class, which I thought was incredible. You can read about it in my post, Experience San Juan, Puerto Rico by Learning to Cook Like a Local (Part I – The Cooking Class).
Flavors of San Juan
Mom Central received a Food Tour from The Flavors of San Juan in order to facilitate this post. If you are looking for a place to go that has amazing food, culture, history and gorgeous beaches, I highly recommend going to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Whether traveling with the entire family, just the girls for a getaway or with your loved one for a romantic trip sans the kids, San Juan offers something for everyone. No matter how much time you’re visiting the island – one thing is for sure – you must experience the authentic cuisine. I’m honestly someone that has never been a fan of organized tours and prefer to do the things the locals like to do when traveling, however, with a location so rich in culture, food and history, having some guidance and education is a major plus.
Disclosure: Mom Central was invited to a launch event at JetBlue headquarters to hear the Family Pooling announcement. All opinions are our own. Ever since the first time I flew JetBlue Airlines, I knew I liked this carrier. There were certain perks of flying – friendly, down-to-earth flight attendants, free checked bags, and an assortment of complimentary snacks to choose from, as well as that famous in-flight entertainment to pass the time. When flying with the family, things like on-board snacks and checked baggage can certainly add up, so it has always offered service and amenities with families in mind. JetBlue recently introduced a new way that the carrier provides even more value to families – Family Pooling. With the new Family Pooling option, the airline is the only U.S. carrier to offer a program allowing families and small groups the option to earn and share TrueBlue points, free of charge. Members can allocate all or a portion of their individual TrueBlue points into a group account.
Sky and Kelly the dolphin
Paradise Island Tourism Development Association sponsored this trip, but all opinions are those of Mom Central's. Thinking about going on a family vacation seems to be a good idea at first with the excitement of traveling, exploring and learning about new places and traditions and with new adventures and memories to create. Then reality sets in with the stress of it all. Packing for a family of three or a family of five, the amount of work always seems to be the same. For me, no matter what time of day or how many days in advance I start packing, I always find myself up to the wee hours the night before our trip, making sure I have enough (usually too much) of what I need to accommodate what seems like a fun family adventure.
Kia Cadenza
Mom Central was invited to attend an event sponsored by Kia Cadenza and Open Table at No. 9 Park in Boston to experience Kia’s new 2014 Cadenza Luxury vehicles and fine dining go hand in hand and Kia Motors America definitely got it right when they kicked off its eight-city tour named “The Cadenza Experience” in partnership with OpenTable and RGM Group. As part of the tour, influential tastemakers of Boston had an opportunity to dine at No. 9 Park, one of the eight Michelin Star Restaurants, and experience the all-new 2014 Kia Cadenza, which is the most tech-advanced and powerful vehicle Kia has introduced in the US.
Six Flags New England
Mom Central received two complimentary passes to facilitate this review. All opinions and experiences are our own. Thrill rides, water park, midway games – all in one place – is a great way to spend a summer day. A recent outing to Six Flags New England with my son is always a fantastic time and something we both look forward to every year. However, first I need to set the stage on two topics: My entire family loves thrill rides. We take to rollercoasters like ducks to water. I’m a huge fan of DC Comics – and Six Flags New England has a DC theme (more on that later)! I won’t bore you with a minute-by-minute recap of a great day, but here are some highlights of both the amusement park and the built-in water park.
image courtesy of JetBlue
image courtesy of JetBlue
Seated outside Terminal C at Boston’s Logan Airport we bided our time for a long-awaited trip to St. Thomas and SugarBay – excited at the prospect of experiencing JetBlue’s new non-stop flight from Boston to the sun-filled beaches of St. Thomas. Unfortunately, the check-in desk featured precious-little activity – never a good sign when it takes place 15 minutes before the scheduled boarding time. But what happened next represented what sets JetBlue apart from so many other airlines. The pilot – yes, the pilot – stepped to the desk, picked up the microphone, and let us all know that the crew had identified an issue with the plane’s rear door. The plan? The hangar crew would either fix it, or if it couldn’t happen within a reasonable time frame, we’d get a new plane. He then let us know that he’d be happy to answer any questions we had. He and the co-pilot remained in the gate area, and a little bit later, the crew let us know we would, indeed, get another plane.
Entertainment Cruises Boston’s marquee vessel, the Odyssey
Mom Central attended a sponsored event to facilitate this review. The views expressed here are entirely our own. As Moms, we are constantly thinking of how best to provide for our families, ensuring that each one of our loved ones is living a healthy, safe, and happy life. We become so concerned with the wellbeing of others that we often forget about that of ourselves. While we may be gladiators at home and in the workplace, even gladiators need some time to rest and recharge, right? With its fusion of dining, dancing, entertainment and illustrious skyline views, Entertainment Cruises offers us Moms the venues in which to sit back, relax, and enjoy ourselves. With locations in seven cities – Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, New York, Norfolk, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC – Entertainment Cruises boasts the title of the largest harbor cruise company in America. From elegant and sophisticated to fun and festive dining cruises, high-speed thrill rides to private charter yachts, and everything in-between, Entertainment Cruises promises a complete and unique cruise experience.
Remember the days when all it took was a phone call from your bestie for you to drop everything and hit the road for the promise of little adventure? The road “untraveled” was exciting, and a little mayhem didn’t cause an ounce of stress. Back then, road trips weren’t encumbered with “to do” lists, gear bags with rear-seat entertainment, mapping out of washroom breaks and the constant thought of “please dear God, let them nap!” These days, with two kids in tow, I’ve yet to attempt a car ride longer than a couple of hours, and I’m perfectly happy to keep it that way until my son and daughter are school-aged and a little more self-sufficient! When Honda Canada invited Cora (my friend and business partner) and I to hit the road to try out the 2013 Honda CR-V, we reminisced about the glory days before kids, immediately agreeing: “Road trip!!”
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