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Entertainment Cruises Boston’s marquee vessel, the Odyssey
Mom Central attended a sponsored event to facilitate this review. The views expressed here are entirely our own. As Moms, we are constantly thinking of how best to provide for our families, ensuring that each one of our loved ones is living a healthy, safe, and happy life. We become so concerned with the wellbeing of others that we often forget about that of ourselves. While we may be gladiators at home and in the workplace, even gladiators need some time to rest and recharge, right? With its fusion of dining, dancing, entertainment and illustrious skyline views, Entertainment Cruises offers us Moms the venues in which to sit back, relax, and enjoy ourselves. With locations in seven cities – Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, New York, Norfolk, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC – Entertainment Cruises boasts the title of the largest harbor cruise company in America. From elegant and sophisticated to fun and festive dining cruises, high-speed thrill rides to private charter yachts, and everything in-between, Entertainment Cruises promises a complete and unique cruise experience.
Remember the days when all it took was a phone call from your bestie for you to drop everything and hit the road for the promise of little adventure? The road “untraveled” was exciting, and a little mayhem didn’t cause an ounce of stress. Back then, road trips weren’t encumbered with “to do” lists, gear bags with rear-seat entertainment, mapping out of washroom breaks and the constant thought of “please dear God, let them nap!” These days, with two kids in tow, I’ve yet to attempt a car ride longer than a couple of hours, and I’m perfectly happy to keep it that way until my son and daughter are school-aged and a little more self-sufficient! When Honda Canada invited Cora (my friend and business partner) and I to hit the road to try out the 2013 Honda CR-V, we reminisced about the glory days before kids, immediately agreeing: “Road trip!!”
Visiting my son for Parent's Weekend at Perdue University, I found myself searching for something really fun we could do together - and came upon the Go Ape! Adventure Course in Eagle Creek park outside Indianapolis. We managed to get one of the few remaining reservations on a Saturday, so definitely call ahead! After in-depth instruction on putting on our harnesses and how to safely clip and unclip the double attachment lines, pulley, and green master hook, we ventured forth to the five different rope courses, each of which ends with a long zip line. The whole course is set in the wooded forest of Eagle Creek Park (about a half hour outside of downtown) and takes place about 50 feet up in the trees with periodic views of the park's large lake. Given all the protocol, instruction signs as you go, and being continually hooked safely to a platform, I managed to overcome my typical fear of heights. Instead, I felt the constant thrill of being way outside your comfort zone while having a blast. Plus, you instantly become friends with your group as we had about 17 of us venturing forth together.
Located in Montego Bay, RockResort’s gorgeous Half Moon resort stretches out for two miles on an expansive, secluded stretch of white sand beaches. Started by a small group of American, British and Bermuda families as an exclusive Jamaican getaway cottage community in the 1950s, it has gradually been expanded to include over 400 acres, and has hosted innumerable illustrious guests from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, to John and Jackie Kennedy for a month between the presidential election and inauguration. The charming and sizeable original cottages that reminded me much of Cape Cod still stand clustered around the main Half Moon beach. With luxurious Plantation-style mahogany furnishings, Old World Jamaican charm, and modern amenities in large marble updated bathrooms, the rooms with their generous patios and pristine beach views welcome deep relaxation from the moment your bags get dropped off. I stayed in an ocean front room close to the main hotel area – one of nearly 200 such rooms, along with one and two bedroom suites.
This fall, I experienced a glorious four days, courtesy of the Jamaican Tourist Board, exploring two of the top vacation spots in Jamaica – Negril and Montego Bay. Even though I’ve traveled fairly extensively in the Caribbean, I’d never visited Jamaica. So I eagerly anticipated the island’s combination of low-key vibe and upscale amenities. And did I ever find it! I discovered an island with an appeal for everyone – families and singles as well as those seeking simplicity and those with an eye for activity. I’ve included an overview here of my favorite memories: PART I, NEGRIL, JAMAICA Beaches Negril
Read Amazing Azul Beach Hotel in Maya Riviera – Part 1 here. The Azul Beach Hotel has a catamaran, motorboats and guides to take you out to explore the coral reef, kayaks – all available at modest additional fees. The hotel can arrange transportation to a marina a few miles away replete with options running from sailboat rentals to jet skis. A dedicated team of tour specialists on the property stands by to arrange tours - from exploring Mayan ruins to water adventures.
Think relaxed beachside elegance, impeccable concierge service, and simply outstanding gourmet food, and you’ve arrived at the luxurious all-inclusive Azul Beach Hotel from Karisma in the Mayan Riviera. I just returned from a four-day press trip along with my husband Ron, and literally the minute we got home in a post-vacation letdown, we started brainstorming how soon we could return and went online to check for availability. We’re hoping to bring our kids back with us the week before Christmas. It was just that good.
Remember the claymation spokesperson for with a goatee and a laid back attitude? He’s moving up in the world, as the company will soon reveal the more professional, clean-shaven SMART. The new digital character will offer reliable expertise and guidance to users looking for the perfect hotel experience on their website.
Even if you don’t have Irish ancestry, March 17th provides the chance for family and friends to have fun together. Each city has its own way of celebrating the holiday including parades, music festivals, and pub-crawls. If you want to avoid crowds of rowdy adults, here are a few family-friendly events. Get dressed in your favorite green outfit and enjoy celebrating St. Patty’s Day in your city!
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