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Knit Two by Kate Jacobs

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 - 5:17pm

Little compares to the bond between women. Sometimes a great friend can feel like a sister: someone to share secrets with, laugh with over embarrassing moments, or turn to for support. With no sisters ourselves, we have always relied on friends to fill this role! Author Kate Jacobs understands this extremely well, which probably explains why her books seem to speak to each of us individually.  Her novel, The Friday Night Knitting Club, earned rave reviews for its powerful characters and moving storyline. And you should expect nothing less from the sequel. Knit Two, which comes out later this month, brings us back into the lives of the original characters five years after the first book left off. This time, 18-year-old Dakota runs her mother’s knitting store part-time with the help of the knitting club. With a focus on the challenges, joys, and friendships of these characters, this book is a powerful read for any woman. Although those who read the first book will be especially captivated by the continuation, even new readers will find countless things to love.  Few novels these days are a must read, but, for any woman who understands the power of friendship, this should be one of them.

Here's what MotherTalk reviewers are saying about Knit Two:

Bookroom Reviews says: "The author, Kate Jacobs,has a talent for making you really care about the characters and theirfriendships.  It was fun to see how they developed from the first book..."

Booking Mama says: "KNIT TWO would make a wonderful book club selection, especially if yourgroup has already read THE FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTING CLUB. Ms. Jacobsmanages to capture the essence of women so beautifully, and I think weall can relate a little to the characters in her books."

Moms in a Blog says: "In the true style of Kate Jacobs,the book has an easy-going feeling to it. You really feel like you’rein the room with all the members as you catch up with all of Georgia’sfriends and her daughter, Dakota."

The Daily Bitch says: "and the best thing was that from the oldest to the youngest, each character had some trait that I strongly identified with, when I thought, "EXACTLY!" or "RIGHT!" or "OH YEAH, been THERE!"."

DesignHer Momma says: "If you loved Friday Night Knit Club, you will love and appreciate Knit Two,it's hot off the presses sequel. This book, out on bookstore shelvesright now, is just as good or even better than it's older sister."

Petroville says: "Knit Two is Kate Jacob’s follow up novel to her best selling book The Friday Night Knitting Club. Having never read her first work, I figured I’d test the waters to seeif this book was able to stand on its own. I found my answer after onlya few chapters; in a word, absolutely."

Mom of 2 Dancers says: "I loved this book so much, I went to the library to get A Friday NightKnitting Club! It is a quick read that makes you feel good as a Woman!Any of Kate Jacobs books would make great Christmas presents for thereader in your life."

Mama Pajama says: "You will find yourself lost in the moving storyline. The powerful characters she has created will leave you comparing themto people in your own life.  You must get your hands on this book!"

Fefyfomanna says: "Those who know me best (my family) know that I love to read. In fact Iusually say that I “devour” books. And these two books were noexception. Once I got my hands on these books I couldn’t put them down."

Red Sox Mommy says: "It's a story for all women. From those like me who lean on a bestfriend to be like a sister to the woman with a family full of sisters.It's about friendship, love and loyalty. This story makes the perfectread for these cold wintry days..."

Chic Shopper Chick says: "The book was excellent, and even though I hadn’t read the first one, Iwas able to keep up and get really involved in the characters."

All Because Two People Fell in Love says: "The author was able uniquely relate Knitting to Life in a way that wascaptivating to me as a reader. Although we are not knitters I feel thatmy friends and I have the same solid friendship bond that thecharacters share in this novel, therefore, making this realisticfiction a book that I could easily relate to!" 

MommyVents says: "If you are in the mood for light read about a great group ofinteresting women, a little adventure, a little love, even a littlemystery, but in the end a whole bunch of bonding, try this on for size.No need to have read the first book, but I wish I had read it first andI plan on reading it. I do enjoy these women and don't mind readingmore of them and their stories."

Hamster Boy says: "Without aggravating repetition, the book is written so that you cancatch up quite easily and not have to refer back to the first novel.This story is beautifully written in a style that is so easy to followand I was once again captured by these wonderful people."

Sassy Frazz says: "With a focus on the challenges, joys, and friendships of thesecharacters, this book is a powerful read for any woman. Although thosewho read the first book will be especially captivated by thecontinuation, even new readers will find countless things to love. Fewnovels these days are a must read, but, for any woman who understandsthe power of friendship, this should be one of them."

Did You See That says: "I'm one of the lucky ones. I didn't read "The Friday Night Knitting Club" until I also had "Knit Two"in hand. That way, after I finished devouring the first book (sittingin the lobby of a fancy hotel waiting for my conference to start,trying not to SOB all over myself in front of hundreds of colleagues, thankyousoverymuch), I could dive right into the second book and not have to wait to see what happened to all my favorite characters."

Jason For the Love of God says: "I will certainly go back and read the first novel now, even though I'llknow how it all comes out. The characters and story are so compellingthat I'm not even bothered by the fact that I know how it ends."

Knitty Reviews says: "Knit Two did not disappoint. Kate Jacobs again brought KC,Dakota, Darwin, Peri, Lucie, Anita and Catherine to life, five yearsafter Georgia's death. I thought she did a remarkable job of goingthrough the range of emotions and grief stages that would be present ina group who lost someone that meant something different to each of them."

Red Sox Bat Girl says: "I just finished reading Knit Two by Kate Jacobs.She wrote the bestselling, The Friday Night Knitters Club and eventhough I don’t even know the difference between yarn and thread….ILOVED that book…so reading this one…was something that was not only afun thing for me…but a necessity."

My Little Patch of Sunshine says: "When the book arrived at my door, I immediately sat down with a bigglass of iced tea and began to read. I was glad that the book cameduring L's nap. It took me a couple days to read, because I forcedmyself to put it down so I wouldn't finish it too fast."

Just a Mom's Take on Things says: "I enjoy stories like these that highlight the bonds between women andhow we relate together as wives, daughters, mothers and sisters."