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Join us on Wednesday, March 4th for the belVita Breakfast Bites #MorningWin Twitter Party from 11 AM-12 PM EST! We will be chatting about choosing belVita Breakfast Bites for a healthy and filling breakfast alternative for moms on-the-go. Join us for the #MorningWin Twitter Party to discuss BelVita Breakfast Bites. What: #MorningWin Twitter Party When: Wednesday, March 4, 2015 from 11:00AM-12:00PM EST Hashtag: #MorningWin Moderator: @MomCentral Brand Influencers: @ChristinHassler, @Kerigans, and @DaveZinczenko Prizes: Two pre-party winners and six party winners will be randomly selected to receive a $50 gift code and belVita Breakfast Bites.
Keep Lunch Fresh and Chilled with Products from iCooler
Influence Central received complimentary samples of the iCOOLer lunch bag, Bottle iCooler, and the Uptown Lunch Tote from BUILT New York in order to write this review. All of the opinions expressed are our own. “Glamorous” doesn’t exactly describe the typical lunch bag. While functionality proves key (something that holds drinks, snacks, and entire meals without mess or fuss), most lunch boxes involve wet ice packs and less-than-durable structures that have you worried your salad will even make it to the office in the crisp state it started out in. The original iCOOLer lunch bag provides an incredibly durable, clean, and cool way to pack a lunch without worrying about ice or mess.
For Two Fitness Brings Fashion and Comfort to Workouts for Expecting Moms
Influence Central received a sample For Two Fitness tank to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. Eating well and staying active are important in general, but even more so when pregnant. For many women, working out can be particularly difficult because of low energy levels, morning sickness, or the very relatable lack of time. Luckily, the second trimester can mean that a lot of women begin to feel better, and can make it to the gym. But coincidentally, that’s probably around the same time that they realize their workout clothes no longer fit them!
February Influencer Spotlights
The following featured posts are clients of Influence Central. This month we’re heading to the kitchen to check out some mouthwatering posts our Influencers have whipped up. We are featuring Anjana of At The Corner of Happy and Harried, Annette of Tips from a Typical Mom, and Camille of Viva Veltoro.
Join us on Thursday, February 19th for the Little Remedies #WalmartTRUFIT Twitter Party from 1-2pm EST! We will be chatting about how to best boost your child’s confidence when faced with difficult issues like bedwetting. Join us for the #WalmartTRUFIT Twitter Party to discuss GoodNites* TRU-FIT*. What: #WalmartTRUFIT Twitter Party When: Thursday, February 19, 2015 from 1:00-2:00PM EST Hashtag: #WalmartTRUFIT Moderator: @MomCentral Brand Team: @GoodNites Prizes: Two pre-party winners and six party winners will be randomly selected to receive a $50 Walmart Gift Card. One Grand Prize winner will be selected to win a $150 Walmart gift card. Questions: Contact Alexia Pagones (
Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion
Influence Central received a sample of Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion to facilitate this post. All opinions are our own. We all know that what seemed to start out as a relatively mild winter for those of us in the Northeast has taken a dramatic turn! February has confronted us with snow, ice, and below freezing temperatures. Despite the cold, there are so many wonderful things to do outside that we don’t want to find ourselves suffering from cabin fever all winter long. Last weekend, I embraced the cold by spending my Saturday skiing at Hunter Mountain, and my Sunday ice skating at Prospect Park. I love taking part in outdoor winter activities with friends and family, but it certainly can take a toll on your skin. Fortunately, there’s Vaseline Intensive Care – known as the official lotion of winter!
JOHNSON’S Highlights the Importance of Bath Time for Baby Bonding and Developmen
Influence Central was invited to attend the JOHNSON’S® Global Baby Bath Time Panel and received some sample items. All opinions are our own. For many mothers, baby bath time is sometimes a typical task that can involve a fussy baby, and is viewed as a necessary step just before bedtime or for general clean up. For other mothers, bath time is viewed as a quiet and special time to relax and spend time with their little one. JOHNSON’S®, one of the most trusted baby brands on the market, has put time and resources towards looking into bath time, and found the latter to be more the case when it comes to baby’s overall development. Influence Central was recently invited to attend a JOHNSON’S® event where experts came together to discuss baby development and findings from the JOHNSON’S® Global Bath Time Report, in support of their “So Much More” campaign. As an expecting mom with my first child, I gladly attended to learn insights into why I should treasure bath time with my little one.
Of Love & Laundry: Gain #LoveLabel Bottles
Disclosure: Gain is a client of Influence Central. So often as Moms we think our kids equate love with the big moments in their lives – the splashy Sweet Sixteen birthday party, the oversized holiday celebrations with all the cousins, and the long-awaited vacation excursion to a favorite destination. But one thing I’ve noticed as my kids have grown older – my daughter just graduated from college and my son will soon finish his junior year – proves to be just how much they’ve come to appreciate the small, everyday gestures we Moms do for them, day-in and day-out. There’s nothing like living on your own and seeing what goes into having a refrigerator full of foods you love or having your favorite jeans and sweatshirt show up in your dresser drawer clean, neatly folded, and fresh-smelling.
Join us on Tuesday, February 10th for the Little Remedies #LittleRemedies Twitter Party from 1-2pm EST! We will be chatting about the changing seasons and the best ways we keep our family comfortable when it comes to their health. Join us for the #LittleRemedies Twitter Party to discuss the Little Remedies line of products. 
KitchenAid Ushers in a New Era of Kitchen Design with Inspired New Collection
Influence Central was invited to attend a KitchenAid event in NYC to facilitate this post. All opinions are our own. This year, KitchenAid is unveiling its new dramatically designed major appliance collection available in stainless steel, black, white and black stainless steel. We had the opportunity to preview the new collection during a showcase event that took place at the Cedar Lake Dance Studio in NYC. The new collection, which launches globally in April 2015, is inspired by the best known and most iconic product from KitchenAid, the stand mixer. KitchenAid has been synonymous with kitchen design and innovation since it unveiled its first stand mixer in 1919 and dishwasher in 1949, which was the first dishwasher on the market for consumers!
X Out from Proactiv
Influence Central received a complimentary X Out Body Kit in order to facilitate this review. All of the opinions expressed are our own. Being a teen is tough, but being a parent of a teenager proves even tougher. Not only do we battle raging hormones and the frustrating, “leave me alone!” attitude, we also have to deal with the “I don’t care” sentiment on a daily basis. So when my 13-year-old’s face became peppered with teenage acne, though he didn’t seem to notice or care, I did. When I pointed out the constellation of acne on his face, his first words, fittingly, were “I don’t care” and “leave me alone!”
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