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2013 New Year's Resolutions for Parents

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 9:12am
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Stacy DeBroff

Carve Out Time to Replenish Your Energy: Between post-holiday exhaustion, the winter blues, and the normal frenetic pace of parenting, Moms often find their energy depleted at the start of a new year. Make 2013 the year you carve out time to take care of yourself – whether you kick-start your long-dormant book club, sign up for an exercise class, or explore your inner-creativity with a new artistic endeavor, such as photography, knitting, or ceramics – and resolve to keep these efforts up as the year progresses.

Help Kids Understand Electronics Aren’t a Constitutional Right: With kids spending hours each day online and texting at every opportunity, they live much of their lives in digital rec rooms. This year, remember that even digital natives need limits, so set sound guidelines with them, such as establishing timing parameters on when they can and can’t go online, housing computers only in public spaces like kitchens and family rooms, and making sure kids share social media passwords with parents.

Don’t Get Caught Unprepared: So much of the stress that parents face often stems from not being prepared – running back home to pick up the forgotten mouth guard before tip off or racing to the gas station on the way to soccer practice with the car on fumes. As 2013 gets under way, set reminders for easily forgotten details such as car registration and resolve to keep key essentials in the car such as a change of clothes, spare athletic gear for the kids, an extra house key, and supplies such as antibacterial travel packs like the one from Wet Ones to clean hands on the go, a first-aid kit, and trash bags.

Stand Tall Within Yourself: While Moms typically develop their own parenting beliefs and style over the years, it remains a challenge to stay true to these principles when you discover that other parents have a very different approach. Even if you learn – or your kids tell you – that other Moms buy laptops for kids once they start fifth grade or let them stay home alone, stand tall within yourself and parent according to what you believe.


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