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The ECCO Sculptured 75 Collection Launch

Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 7:03am
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Lorianne Lacey
The ECCO Sculptured 75 Collection Launch

Mom Central was invited to a launch event for the Ecco Sculptured 75 Collection and received Sculptured 75 shoes to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own.

I first discovered ECCO shoes last year, when I was introduced to the Spring and Summer collection. As someone who does a LOT of walking around NYC, it is important to me to purchase shoes that are first and foremost comfortable, and won’t leave me stranded with blisters or pain as I trek from home to the office to errands and activities galore.

I had tried a pair of Sculptured 65 sandals, which were crafted with beautiful, soft leather and a 65mm heel. I could not believe just how comfortable these shoes were! Walking in my ECCO heels felt as if I were walking in a pair of sneakers, and there was no need to carry around a spare pair of ballet flats or flip flops to make it through the day’s journey. I loved these ECCO shoes so much that this summer I purchased four new pairs (both pumps and sandals), and all stood the test of style (lots of compliments!) and comfort.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to receive an invite to the Sculptured 75 heel launch for ECCO that took place at The Standard Hotel in New York. An evening of celebrating these shoes and having the chance to meet the design team behind the shoes I had grown to love, sounded like a great opportunity, and it did not disappoint!

We arrived at The Standard and were greeted with a pair of fashionable “shoeties” featuring the Sculptured 75 heel. These shoeties are available in classic black or Deep Forest (green). While 10mm taller than the pair I had this summer, these boots seem even more comfortable as the design has advanced.

ECCO Sculptured 75 Collection Launch Event

When speaking with ECCO women’s shoe designer Niki Tæstensen (who has been with the company for 18 years, having started his apprenticeship at ECCO at the age of 16) I was excited to learn just how this unbelievable comfort is made possible. The technology used to create the Sculptured 75 is due to ECCO’s ability to use lightweight, flexible, anatomical direct-injection within a sleek, minimalistic, fashionable design. The design starts with the foot and crafts the entire shoe holistically around support and stability, where those heels from other brands that can make our feet ache are not designed with the same whole foot support structure in mind. The entire heel and sole moves from Niki’s sketches to computer where a 3-D model is created.

The quality of the leather that ECCO uses in its shoes is also top of the line. We discovered that the company creates beautiful handbags that were equally luxurious, and you could certainly tell that the craftsmanship behind them was superb. The event space was set up beautifully so we could see the full line of what ECCO offers and feel the different samples of leather that ultimately become the stylish shoes and handbags.

At the event, we walked New York’s High Line and it demonstrated the comfort of these heels on what would typically be a tough-on-the-foot NYC pavement! We recommend you try the same, and pick up a pair of Sculptured 75 heels and put them to the walking test!

Knowing how much care and thoughtful design goes into the products, I know that ECCO will be a brand I continue to look to when searching for new shoe styles. ECCO shoes are available online and at several major retailers such as Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. For more information or to shop for a pair of these incredible heels yourself, visit – you won’t be disappointed! Also, ECCO just launched a Smile Your Way to Style sweepstakes on their Facebook page, and are giving away pairs of the ECCO Sculptured 75 collection and one grand prize – an all-expenses paid trip to New York Fashion Week in February 2014. Check it out!


Oh wow, these shoes look

Oh wow, these shoes look comfortable and cute. I will be on the lookout for ECCO when I am out shopping.

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