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NuTouch Gloves

Friday, December 30, 2011 - 9:18am
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Stacy DeBroff

When leaving the house, Moms depend on their Smartphones for navigation, communication, entertainment, Web access, and much more.  We always want to stay connected and up-to-date, even on our busiest days. 

My phone offers a number of helpful features but comes up short during the cold winter months by forcing me to remove my gloves to use it.  Otherwise, the touch screen responds poorly to my covered hands – resulting in missed calls, jumbled texts, and interrupted scrolling.

So with the New England winter kicking into gear, I had to find a solution to my touch-screen dilemma.  The NuTouch gloves from Newer Technology provide just that.  With fingertips made of a special conductive fiber, these gloves enable me to tap and swipe on my Smartphone successfully and allow for seamless touch-screen navigation in any weather.  I quickly forget that I’m even wearing gloves thanks to the precision of the fingertips.  They also prove equally useful when navigating an iPad, GPS, or ATM machine in cold conditions.

Meanwhile, my hands stay warm and comfortable in the cotton gloves – charcoal-colored to coordinate with any outfit. I’m looking forward to staying connected – no matter what the New Year weather brings!


Disclosure: Mom Central received a sample of NuTouch Gloves to facilitate this review.


your post is very

your post is very interesting. I like it very much. It is very helpful and useful for me. Thanks for share this valuable post.

Wow, I really need these! My

Wow, I really need these! My hands are always freezing while I'm checking Facebook on my phone!

These are awesome. My hands

These are awesome. My hands are always cold. Trying to use a smartphone with gloves is so hard, and when you have to keep taking them off its such a pain.

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