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Turning Old into New

Thursday, May 17, 2012 - 11:52am
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Stacy DeBroff

As hints of retro styling creep into everything from fashion to entertainment to home décor, we Moms may find ourselves reminiscing about our own childhoods. While we typically try to avoid reverting to the age-old lament “when I was your age...” when talking to our kids, we know that sometimes we really can learn a thing or two from generations past.

Extending beyond visual and aesthetic elements, the retro craze also encourages us to incorporate some of the lessons from yesteryear into our family lives today. Read some of my favorite tips below to learn how to cultivate a sense of newness while also giving a nod to the past:  

Family Life: Bring the Past into the Present

  • Encourage unplugged playtime and celebrate creativity. Think back to your own childhood when playing with dolls, toy cars, board games, or even impromptu backyard kickball games with neighborhood kids made for endless entertainment.
  • Introduce your kids to traditions from your own childhood. Keep up with these rituals – big or small – as your children grow up.
  • Give your kids a glimpse into your experience growing up by sharing old photos, videos, or even toys and games with them, and encourage grandparents to share their stories and memories, as well.
  • Try to plan a family trip – day or overnight, depending on location – to visit the neighborhood where you or your partner grew up, showing your child your former home, elementary school, baseball field, or favorite park.

Repurpose and Recycle: Celebrate the Retro Look

  • Nowhere does the retro craze seem more evident than in our wardrobes. Check out the back of your own Mom’s closet and see if you can find one of her old favorites – it most likely fits right in with today’s styles and will spark memories each time you wear it. Likewise, share one of your childhood clothing favorites with your kids to inspire the same feeling.
  • Today’s home decorating magazines explode with “mid-century modern” styles from the ‘50s and ‘60s. Rather than redecorating a room from floor to ceiling to get that look, freshen up your space by moving around furniture, changing the wall color, or adding a few unexpected pops of color, pattern, or texture with accent pillows, candles, or even a simple floral arrangement. Or explore family basements and attics for a treasured throw pillow or accessory from that era.
  • Even though today we fill our homes with technology, opportunities still exist to add retro styling to our home décor. The new VTech LS6195 cordless phone offers a unique contemporary retro design along with the convenience of modern features such as a cordless handset, backlit keypad and display, and more.
  • Keep a crafting folder or track inspirational projects on Pinterest. Before you toss out any old clothing or household items, look back at your crafting ideas and take a moment to see if you can recycle the old items into something new.

Disclosure: VTech is a current client of Mom Central Consulting, and Stacy DeBroff is serving as a VTech spokesperson.


Well, this is a trend my

Well, this is a trend my pack-rat family can appreciate. When my son was an older toddler, I got out my old Playskool Holiday Inn and we both had so much fun playing with that. Now he has his Thomas trains boxed away for his kids when they grow up.

I was largely raised my my grandmothers and great-grandmother, they were my "daycare workers" and I have a great appreciation for retro, because it seems like home to me.

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