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Mom Central received a complimentary JVC HD Everio Camcorder in order to write this review. All of the opinions expressed are our own. Does it seem like everyone’s got a smartphone nowadays? They’re super-handy for so many things, not least of all capturing spur-of-the-moment photos and videos! When it comes to capturing important life events like weddings, graduations, birthday parties, anniversary parties, and family vacations (think: wet, sandy, far away, crowded and/or noisy!), my smartphone is just not an option for me. Fumbling with my delicate, breakable iPhone is not what I want to be doing when among a bustling parade crowd or on a misty, sandy beach, capturing the moment my girlfriend surfs her first big wave!  As it is, I have found myself at the Genius Bar in the Mac Store and facing a complete phone replacement more times than I care to admit, and that’s just from everyday use!
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Le Petit Chef Teaches Kids Smart Cooking Techniques
Influence Central received a complimentary sample of Le Petit Chef to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed here are our own. We Moms love getting our kids hooked on cooking. It proves a great way to forge independence, develop important real-life skills, and foster creativity. But the sight of our kids with one of the most important cooking tools in hand – the Chef’s knife – can do most of us in. That’s why I loved seeing the new Le Petit Chef from OPINEL while visiting the International Housewares Show in New York last month. It represents a real French Chef’s knife, but in a petite size, with safeguards for kids such as a non-pointed tip, a ring to keep hands placed correctly, and a small shield that keeps little fingers out of the way while chopping.
Contigo AUTOSEAL Cortland Water Bottle
Influence Central received complimentary samples of the Contigo AUTOSEAL Cortland, Gizmo Sip, and West Loop Travel Mug and Tea Infuser in order to facilitate this review. All of the opinions expressed are our own. An Influence Central favorite, Contigo has mastered the leak-proof, spill-proof, and life-proof water bottles and travel mugs most of us use every day with its AUTOSEAL technology. An innovative leader with a solid foundation, Contigo continues reinvent and improve their products, offering attachments, upgrades, and a variety of new colors to some of their best-sellers. Contigo AUTOSEAL Cortland Water Bottle
Oral-B Black 7000 Electric Toothbrush with SmartGuide
Influence Central received the Oral-B Black 7000 Electric Toothbrush to facilitate our review. All opinions are our own. As many of us have made resolutions to be healthier this year, one of my resolutions is to best maintain a healthy smile. I switched to an electric toothbrush a couple years ago at the recommendation of my dentist, who said that an electric brush would really help my gums and teeth stay strong and healthy, and could eliminate unplanned trips to the dentist’s chair. I hadn’t done much research into the brush I purchased, but even with a basic electric toothbrush, I saw noticeable results and haven’t developed any new cavities since my electric switchover! With my toothbrush starting to lose its power, I wanted to start off 2015 with a truly state of the art toothbrush that would be an even better tool to achieve healthy teeth and gums, and discovered the Oral-B Black 7000 Electric Toothbrush with SmartGuide.
On Campus Marketing Bedding and Bath Linens
Influence Central received a complimentary Complete Campus Pak – Twin XL Bedding and Bath Set from On Campus Marketing in order to write this review. All of the opinions expressed are our own. It’s the time of year when our high school seniors suddenly grow anxious, refreshing their email inboxes as they await college and university decision letters. The time to leave the nest is approaching and with that comes excitement, adventure and maybe even a little trepidation. It’s also a unique time for parents. We marvel at how quickly our kids’ childhoods have seemingly sped by, but also feel pride at their newfound independent spirits. After all, we have spent years giving our children solid roots, and now, the time has come to give them wings and watch them soar!
BareTraps Larkspur Winter Boots
Influence Central received the BareTraps Larkspur to facilitate our review. All opinions are our own. As we are in the midst of winter and those of us in many parts of the country are battling with snow, cold, ice and more, it’s important that we find the right footwear to help us deal with inclement weather. Sometimes when commuting in to work or planning for a night out, I’ve found myself wearing boots and then changing into other shoes that match better with my outfit. I was on the hunt for a pair of boots that would keep my feet warm and dry, but would also not be too much of a distraction. I was so excited to discover the Larkspur boots from BareTraps, available on The boots feature the Stay Dry System, which is weatherproof technology ideal for water repellency and breathability.
Tutilo Fling Dome Tote from Accessory Exchange
Influence Central received a complimentary Tutilo Fling Dome Tote from Accessory Exchange in order to facilitate this review. All of the opinions expressed are our own. As a full service accessory design house, Accessory Exchange creates stunning handbag and accessory lines that grow into successful, self-sufficient brands. Stemming off mass success of their olivia + joy line of handbags and other accessories, Accessory Exchange launches an amazing, new line of handbags for 2015: Tutilo New York. The line’s winter collection offers signature, compartmentalized bags in a range of versatile styles and fashion-forward colors. Leather and nylon totes and satchels create a foundation for truly beautiful bags that you’ll want to house your everyday essentials in!
Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks and Scars with Mederma
Influence Central received products to facilitate our review. All opinions are our own Scars and stretch marks can affect our level of confidence in ourselves, and let’s face it – many of us have a few blemishes that we wouldn’t mind reducing the appearance of! When I asked my dermatologist how to reduce the appearance of a scar on my leg that resulted from a fall and bad scrape, he recommended Mederma. I used a tube of the Mederma Advanced Scar Gel on this existing scar (which I’d had for about a year) and I was pleased that the scar overall appeared lighter and less pronounced than before I began using it for treatment.
P&G Future Fabrics Event
Influence Central was invited to attend the P&G Future Fabrics Event and received some sample items. All opinions are our own. Recently, we were invited to attend the P&G Future Fabrics Event in Manhattan. Attendees learned a great deal about the science behind taking care of your fabrics, and how smarter fabric care can extend the life of your garments, as well as the positive feelings you have about them. According to P&G Research, women wear 20 percent of the clothes in their closet 80 percent of the time. I can definitely relate to this statistic – I certainly have several “go to” items that I find myself wearing over and over again, and other items that I can’t bare give away, but do not make it into my wardrobe rotation nearly as often as they probably should. P&G is committed to identifying why we love our clothes – and why others lose their appeal. By crafting their formulas to reduce some of the factors that make clothes less appealing, P&G wants to find a way for us to love all of the clothes in our closet!
The following featured posts are clients of Influence Central. The cold has settled in for a few chilly months here in Boston and our Influencers’ posts are keeping the Project Team filled with fabulous indoor inspiration and activities. To kick off the New Year we are featuring Andrea of HOMEMADE for ELLE, KC of The Real Thing with the Coake Family, and Shannon of cozy country living. "The little blue dynamos come off the bush tasting delicious!" 
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