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Disclosure: I’m part of the Finish Power & Free Alliance of Moms and received complimentary product samples to facilitate this review, as well as compensation. The opinions expressed here are my own. Here in the Northeast, our year started off with a flurry of snowstorms and bone-chilling temperatures sparked by the ubiquitous Polar Vortex. While my family loves winter activities such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, we also enjoy hunkering down with a hearty meal in front of a roaring fire when the temperatures plummet and winds begin howling. Food plays an enormous role in our lives. So much so that my husband and I view both cooking and eating as significant activities. In fact, as 2014 began, I resolved to cook more hearty vegetarian fare at least once a week and when the air turned frigid, I used it as an opportunity to explore more soups and stews.
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Beauty Products for the Summer
Mom Central received products to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. Spending time outdoors in the summer is a given.We love feeling the fresh warm air whether we are strolling in the park or visiting the beach. Where the warmer temperatures certainly lighten our mood, they can also do a number on our hair and skincare routine, and we’ve discovered a few new products this year that have helped us maintain a healthy look all season-long. For Our Hair: Infiniti Pro by Conair® Finishing Brush with One 'n Only® Replaceable Argan Oil Treatment Strip
Staten Island Yankees Mascot Scooter
The Staten Island Yankees are a client of Mom Central Consulting and we received complimentary tickets to facilitate this post. Growing up, baseball was always a big part of my life. I would watch my favorite team on television with my parents and family members, cheering them on. When I got to be a bit older, we would go to games together to enjoy the excitement live. Part of the reason we didn’t do too many baseball excursions when I was a small child was the cost involved with Major League games, as well as the potential boredom a child feels during a nine-inning game.
Summer Essentials at Zappos
Mom Central received samples to facilitate this post. All opinions are our own. This summer seems to have just flown, and I can’t believe we have already found ourselves in early August! While it seems that the Fourth of July was just around the corner and July has zipped on by, we know that there’s still a lot of great summer weather and al fresco activities to enjoy before we find ourselves in fall. I’ve also noticed a few trends that I’ve had my eye on, and decided that I needed to add to my wardrobe before summer’s end, and went to Zappos to complete my warm weather essentials list!
365 vegan smoothies
Mom Central received a copy of the 365 Vegan Smoothies book to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. After being inspired by some of my colleagues who have recently been cutting back on their sugar and dairy intake, I began swapping out my former sugar-laden breakfast choices with healthier, all-natural smoothie varieties. I used a variety of recipes that incorporated nuts, greens, fruit and more and loved starting my day with a healthy dose of pure fruits and veggies! However, working off of the same few recipes was starting to get to be a bit repetitive, and I was so excited to discover the new book 365 Vegan Smoothies by Kathy Patalsky. There’s literally a smoothie for every day in this new book. Each month is broken down to focus on healthy, seasonal ingredients that keep your smoothie routine and foods fresh and vibrant.
Mom Central received a SIMON SWIPE game in order to facilitate this review. All of the thoughts expressed are our own. Some of my fondest memories come from family game night – throwing Monopoly pieces, accusing my brother of cheating in Scrabble, laughing at Catch Phrase – something about games unites the family, no matter what age. Perhaps one of the most challenging and frustratingly fun games that we all grew up with is SIMON, the memory game of a simple four colors that entranced us for hours. Now, we can throw the frustrating SIMON back into our game night rotation. Hasbro offers the nostalgia of the classic game with a new twist, offering SIMON SWIPE. This modern take on the classic recall game is based on a smooth swipe action (not so different from the motion to unlock your iPhone!) With a sleek new design, we battle a SIMON that is high-tech and modern but still has the same four colors and the same challenge: remembering whether or not to hit the green or the red button next.
Disclosure: Johnson’s Baby is a client of Mom Central Consulting. Each new baby begins life with a promise from Mom – a promise to love, care, and cuddle, as well as to create a happy, healthy, and peaceful home. We’ll do anything for our babies – rock them endlessly so they’ll wind down gently into their afternoon nap, take them for midnight drives to soothe their colic, and read story after story so they’ll ease into a deep, restful sleep. Despite our boundless love for our babies and our enduring efforts each day, few things prove more worrisome than the early days of motherhood. We have so many goals and so many wishes we hope to fulfill – yet worry can rise up so easily. Are we doing the right thing? Have we learned to decipher what each cry and whimper means?
Mom Central received complimentary AEROSOLES sandals to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. Summer is filled with bright colors, exciting prints, and bold colors. I love mixing our favorite prints and patterns, but often have to be careful with my corresponding footwear! I was excited to discover a few pairs of neutral heels from AEROSOLES that are perfect for the summer season. While stylish on their own, they’re neutral enough to complement my favorite summer looks.
TakeYa Iced Tea Bellini
Mom Central received complimentary Takeya Iced Tea samples in order to facilitate this review. All of the views expressed are our own. After our first review of the TakeYa Iced Tea System, the product became a necessity at the Mom Central office. With fresh-brewed iced tea every day, we have battled the humidity and heat of the Boston summer with a variety of delicious flavors. This summer, TakeYa offers two delicious tastes in Hibiscus Pomegranate and Tropical Black Iced Tea. We already know that TakeYa has delicious flavors and a unique, quick way to brew iced tea. This summer, TakeYa offers us an experience, providing ideas for DIY recipes and other adorable ways to make your iced tea even better on those hot days at home.
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