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I applied for the Mom Central Blog Roll…now what?

Welcome! You will receive an acknowledgement from our team and will be placed into our vetting queue..  Typically this process takes us between 2-5 weeks.  So please be patient as we do a deep dive into your blog and social platforms.

When you say ‘vetting’, what does that mean?

To Vet [vet] | verb | vet·ted, vet·ting.

to appraise, verify, or check for accuracy, authenticity, validity

We take our community seriously as well as our commitment to our clients in activating the best matched bloggers and influencers for each and every campaign. Therefore, during our vetting process we do extensive research weighing many factors including:

  • The traffic to your blog (Blogs without an Alexa Ranking will automatically receive fewer opportunities than blogs with one)
  • The strength of your editorial
  • Your past posts and relationship with brands
  • How frequently you post
  • The design and creativity of your blog
  • How engaged your audience is
  • Your social platforms and reach (facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+, etc)

Great. I’ve waited the 2-5 weeks, now what?

Upon completion of our vetting process, you will receive another congratulatory email. This email includes what you can expect by being a member of our Blog Roll, it shows you if you’ve agreed to our Blogger Guidelines (which is a must – please be sure to sign those guidelines, if you haven’t the link is included in the email), contact names if you have any questions or issues, a link to upload your Google Analytics Snapshot, as well as a Mom Central blogger badge that we’d appreciate you placing on your blog. Then, sit back and keep an eye on your inbox for email opportunity invitations from our Mom Central team.  These outreach letters invite you to participate in blog tours and other online or offline opportunities, but are not guaranteeing you acceptance into the campaign. These letters will share information about a product/service/event and how the campaign will run, including what we will ask of you and what you can expect in return. If you would like to participate, simply respond to the link contained in the letter, and we’ll let you know as soon as possible (sometimes up to 2 weeks) if you’ve been accepted into the campaign. We’ll also let you know if we were not able to accept you into the campaign.

Why don’t I get ALL of the Mom Central outreaches?

Based on what we know about you we ‘pre-criteria’ sort based on a brand’s preferences. Some brands have geographic needs or traffic goals, for example, and as a result we narrow our outreach. We don’t want to burden you with the process of signing up for a campaign if we already know your blog wouldn’t fit the brand’s criteria.  But also know, 2x per year we do a full sweep of our blog roll to make sure all information is updated.

I get outreaches but I rarely get selected! Why?

We understand that this must be frustrating. Please know that we do our absolute best to be sure that everyone gets selected for opportunities. With our growing blogger community, for which we are beyond thankful for, there simply are only a limited number of spots. On average, our campaigns require 60 bloggers and those that submit their interest are usually in the hundreds. Please don’t take it personally when you are not selected. At times, there are requirements unique to the product which narrow our selection pool.  This is why it’s super important to update your information every few months as this might open up new opportunities for you. As of now, the most efficient way to do this is to open one of the emails from Mom Central. At the very bottom there is a link that says “Update Profile and Subscription Preferences”.

There are three separate sections: “My Personal Information”; “My Preferences”  and “Unsubscribe All”.

Update each section separately and be sure to click ‘Update’ per section.

The fields will be prepopulated with the information we have on file.


Note: If you have an iPhone, we are going to be launching our app soon that will simplify this process in addition to other exciting functionality. Stay tuned!

Blogs primarily focused on ‘deals/coupons’:

When we receive inquiries from our community on why they don’t get chosen or don't get opportunities sent to them, many times, their blog primarily features deals and/or coupons. Most of our programs are editorial-focused, necessitating comprehensive, first-person reviews of a product or service.  Brands have strong feelings regarding deal/coupon bloggers, some love them and others feel it’s not a match for their campaign.

Blogs primarily focused on blog hops, link-ups, and giveaways:

We also receive opportunity inquiries from bloggers who have many link-ups, blog hops, and giveaway posts. Bloggers love to promote content from other bloggers and we know community is important in this space. Blog hops and link-ups help drive traffic and awareness of other sites. Giveaways also get people to come to your site and help your blog get noticed. However, the clients we work with want their content to be seen. When the majority of your content consists of giveaways and link-up posts, a brand campaign seems to get lost among the other content. Therefore, blogs with consistent, frequent posts about link-ups, blog hops, and giveaways typically have less of a chance of getting selected.

I signed up, and I don’t seem to receive Mom Central emails anymore.

It’s very possible that we either don’t have a valid email on file for you or perhaps you’ve unintentionally opted out or unsubscribed.  

If you click ‘Unsubscribe From All Emails’ in one of our emails, that will unsubscribe you from every correspondence. For example, if you clicked on a Newsletter email and clicked on the ‘Unsubscribe From All Emails’ that will unsubscribe you from all outreach – even Blog Roll, Test Panel and all other communications. 

Send a note to Eileen@momcentral.com and she will look into it for you.

On rare occasions a breach of our blogger code of ethics, we will dismiss bloggers from our blog roll, however, we will contact you directly if that is the case.

The proper way to unsubscribe or update emails

If you want to unsubscribe from a certain communication the way to do that is:

At the very bottom of the email there is a link that says “Update Profile and Subscription Preferences”.

Scroll down to My Preferences and deselect (or select) your preferences and click ‘UPDATE’