Mom Central received complimentary Applegate samples to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed here are our own. Family pizza night has always been sought out after by not only the kids, but for us adults as well! For any time of the year, pizza provides the delicious meal option that the entire family always enjoys. As Moms, however, we strive to create meals for our families with healthy ingredients that we trust. Luckily, Applegate Organic & Natural Meats allows us to make our family’s pizza night nutritious with their tasty, better for you, pepperonis. Applegate’s Natural Uncured Mini Pepperoni lets us to indulge in pizza without the guilt! These pepperonis are gluten free, sugar free, casein free and low fat, without losing the spicy and meaty flavor. Applegate delivers the real food and ingredients we love, yet again, with this delicious line of fresh products. Not only does this pepperoni taste great on pizza, but it also would go perfect in salads, sandwiches and even by itself!
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