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Your name: Valerie Mitchell

Your kids: I'm a single mom and have two sons who live at home and attend college. I’ve loved them at every age, but it's especially fun now to see the fine men that they are becoming.

Your Twitter name: @valerie2350

Your blog URLs:

What year did you start blogging?


In addition to blogging and being a mother, what other jobs do you have?

Is there any time at all left in my day for anything but being a mother and blogging? ;)

Why did you start your blog?

I started on a whim late one night and had no idea this is where I would be. I’ve entered sweepstakes as a hobby for many years. When I discovered blog giveaways, I enjoyed entering and then realized that I would like to be on the other end of things. It’s fun to win, but it's also a lot of fun to be able to help others win prizes and promote products and brands that I like.

My other blogs are based on personal interests as well - food and my local community.

What advice do you have for those starting out?

Be patient. Blogging and developing solid relationships with your readers and brands takes time. It's better to build a solid foundation step by step than to cut corners along the way.

Name a few challenges you see or have experienced in the blogosphere.

There are a lot of bloggers out there. While it's always a good idea to learn from others, it's also good to be yourself. Blogging is more fun and there's less chance of burnout when you're being authentic and creating something that you love.

What are your favorite and least favorite part(s) about blogging?

Favorite - just about everything. I thoroughly enjoy the people, products and experiences I've had as a result of my blogs. I'm detail oriented, so don't mind the tedious behind the scenes stuff. My least favorite would be the very occasional mean person.

What is the wackiest opportunity you have gotten since you started your blog?

Recently, it was pole dancing classes, but there’ve been many others that weren't a fit for me. Don't want to start an avalanche of whacky pitches, but I do appreciate all offers and will politely decline the ones that don't work for me.

What are your top three blogging tips?

1) Be kind to others

2) Be true to yourself

3) Have integrity

These things are good for blogging and life.

What are you hoping will happen for you and your blog within the next year?

I'd like to continue doing what I love while working shorter hours and earning more money!

We love link back love! Please tell us 2 or 3 blogs you love, their URLs, and twitter names.

@Jamaise from  has been an inspiration to me for years. She is proof that it is possible to form lasting friendships through blogging.

I also enjoy being a part of local blogging groups. and SoCalLadyBloggers have been a great way for me to discover new blogs and connect with bloggers online and in real life.


I'm so happy for you Valerie!

I'm so happy for you Valerie! And so glad I know you in real life! You're a great blogger AND a great blogging mentor.

I agree entering giveaways is

I agree entering giveaways is fun, but it's a little more fun to be on the other end. Specially when you notify the winner :D I love their reaction.

You are awesome! Thank you

You are awesome! Thank you for for the love :) You are proof that hard work, consistency, and kindness will take you far. Wishing you more time, & more earnings so that you can enjoy what you're worked for!



Happy holidays! I really

Happy holidays! I really enjoyed reading your interview =) you are awesome and have given great advice to me in the past year. Enjoy your month of being in the spotlight, you of all people deserve it!

Way to go Valerie! I love

Way to go Valerie! I love your authentic, down to earth voice and your sense of humor. It's great to be in a blogging community with such dynamic, interesting women like yourself. I look forward to reading more about you.

Elle -
All work and no play makes mommy a dull chick!

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